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Da:Download @116-@172
Da:Help @316-@336
Da:Help/Action/About @6-@22
Da:Help/Action/AddNode @24-@31
Da:Help/Action/AdjacentNodes @13-@16
Da:Help/Action/AlignInCircle @10-@16
Da:Help/Action/AlignInLine @6-@11
Da:Help/Action/AudioBack @12-@14
Da:Help/Action/AudioFaster @14-@16
Da:Help/Action/AudioFwd @11-@14
Da:Help/Action/AudioPlayPause @14-@15
Da:Help/Action/AudioPrev @8-@11
Da:Help/Action/AudioSlower @11-@14
Da:Help/Action/AutoSave @10-@17
Da:Help/Action/ChooseTrackVisibility @5-@10
Da:Help/Action/CloseChangeset @11-@15
Da:Help/Action/CombineWay @11-@31
Da:Help/Action/ConvertToDataLayer @6-@24
Da:Help/Action/ConvertToGpxLayer @3-@5
Da:Help/Action/Copy @9-@14
Da:Help/Action/CreateCircle @13-@21
Da:Help/Action/Delete @25-@43
Da:Help/Action/DistributeNodes @6-@8
Da:Help/Action/Download @44-@99
Da:Help/Action/DownloadObject @20-@37
Da:Help/Action/DownloadParentWaysAndRelation @17-@26
Da:Help/Action/Draw @23-@87
Da:Help/Action/Duplicate @12-@21
Da:Help/Action/EditDelete @2-@9
Da:Help/Action/Exit @8-@12
Da:Help/Action/FollowLine @12-@17
Da:Help/Action/FullscreenView @1-@4
Da:Help/Action/GPXLayerCustomizeLineDrawing @7-@11
Da:Help/Action/GpxExport @22-@25
Da:Help/Action/Help @3-@12
Da:Help/Action/ImportImages @4-@8
Da:Help/Action/InfoAboutElements @7-@14
Da:Help/Action/InfoAboutElementsWeb @1-@6
Da:Help/Action/JoinAreas @4-@22
Da:Help/Action/JoinNodeWay @7-@16
Da:Help/Action/LayerCustomizeColor @4-@8
Da:Help/Action/LayerInfo @4-@9
Da:Help/Action/MarkersFromNamedPoints @5-@6
Da:Help/Action/MergeLayer @18-@26
Da:Help/Action/MergeNodes @20-@42
Da:Help/Action/MergeSelection @6-@8
Da:Help/Action/MiddleNodes @4-@6
Da:Help/Action/Mirror @5-@10
Da:Help/Action/MoveNode @4-@10
Da:Help/Action/NewLayer @3-@9
Da:Help/Action/ObjectHistory @8-@74
Da:Help/Action/ObjectHistoryWeb @7-@11
Da:Help/Action/Open @16-@33
Da:Help/Action/OpenRecent @4-@8
Da:Help/Action/OrthogonalizeShape @7-@30
Da:Help/Action/Paste @13-@34
Da:Help/Action/PasteTags @19-@22
Da:Help/Action/Preferences @18-@29
Da:Help/Action/Purge @5-@9
Da:Help/Action/Redo @9-@13
Da:Help/Action/RenameLayer @9-@11
Da:Help/Action/Restart @2-@3
Da:Help/Action/ReverseWays @4-@6
Da:Help/Action/Save @21-@29
Da:Help/Action/SaveAs @15-@23
Da:Help/Action/Search @14-@58
Da:Help/Action/SelectAll @4-@9
Da:Help/Action/SelectNonBranchingWaySequences @3-@8
Da:Help/Action/ShowStatusReport @13-@33
Da:Help/Action/SimplifyWay @7-@15
Da:Help/Action/UnGlue @7-@9
Da:Help/Action/Undo @8-@13
Da:Help/Action/UnselectAll @3-@9
Da:Help/Action/ViewportFollowing @1-@6
Da:Help/Action/WireframeToggle @6-@11
Da:Help/Action/Zoom @13-@24
Da:Help/Action/ZoomIn @4-@6
Da:Help/Action/ZoomOut @5-@7
Da:Help/Action/ZoomToConflict @4-@8
Da:Help/Action/ZoomToData @3-@6
Da:Help/Action/ZoomToDownload @4-@9
Da:Help/Action/ZoomToLayer @4-@6
Da:Help/Action/ZoomToNext @4-@6
Da:Help/Action/ZoomToPrevious @4-@9
Da:Help/Action/ZoomToSelection @2-@8
Da:Help/CommandLineOptions @12-@45
Da:Help/Concepts/Changeset @16-@28
Da:Help/Concepts/Object @21-@115
Da:Help/Dialog/AddValue @13-@24
Da:Help/Dialog/CommandStack @5-@22
Da:Help/Dialog/EditValue @1-@5
Da:Help/Dialog/LayerList @30-@107
Da:Help/Dialog/RelationList @10-@37
Da:Help/Dialog/SelectionList @10-@64
Da:Help/Dialog/TagsMembership @29-@91
Da:Help/Dialog/UserList @12-@18
Da:Help/EditToolbar @58-@81
Da:Help/ExpertMode @5-@66
Da:Help/MainToolbar @3-@23
Da:Help/Menu/Audio @24-@31
Da:Help/Menu/Edit @35-@63
Da:Help/Menu/File @34-@76
Da:Help/Menu/GPXLayer @15-@23
Da:Help/Menu/Help @19-@42
Da:Help/Menu/Marker @12-@22
Da:Help/Menu/OSMLayer @21-@51
Da:Help/Menu/PhotoLayer @8-@28
Da:Help/Menu/Presets @17-@31
Da:Help/Menu/Selection @10-@19
Da:Help/Menu/TagsMembershipMenu @4-@39
Da:Help/Menu/Tools @30-@49
Da:Help/Menu/Validator @5-@11
Da:Help/Menu/View @34-@57
Da:Help/Preferences/Advanced @21-@106
Da:Help/Preferences/Plugins @24-@51
Da:Help/Preferences/Toolbar @8-@21
Da:Help/ResetPreferences @14-@20
Da:Help/SystemRequirements @8-@11
Da:Help/ToggleDialogs @22-@107
Da:Introduction @123-@137
Da:Plugins @560-@568
Da:Presets @1-@168 Oversættelsen er ikke færdig,sidste del mangler.
Da:Releases @11-@12
Da:Source code @7-@15
Da:Translations @53-@68
Da:Translations/Wiki @3-@10
Da:WikiStart @277-@330
Glossary Work in Progress - not suitable for translation now
Help/Action/Draw Missing description for "Left mouse click will add nodes on overlapping ways"
Help/Action/Draw/AngleSnap Some content still missing - like "snap to nodes"
Help/Action/FastDrawingMode This page needs some rework. The OSM-wiki page is better structured and better readable.
Help/Action/GPXLayerCustomizeLineDrawing This page is incomplete. The option need some more explanation.
Help/Action/MergeNodes The example screenshots need to be retaken with bigger node render setting.
Help/Action/ObjectHistory The page needs rework and new screenshots. Waiting for #19367 to be fixed.
Help/Action/Open This page is incomplete. A table which shows which plugin adds which file format is missing.
Help/Action/OverpassDownload This window is no longer available in JOSM since it was integrated into the default Download dialog in September 2017.
Help/Action/Preferences Page needs update. Registers and their content were changed.
Help/Action/Save Recheck supported file types, especially on Windows.
Help/Action/SaveAs Recheck supported file types, especially on Windows.
Help/Action/UpdateMultipolygon The targets Membership; Roles and MultipolySingleOuterAndInner do not exist in the corresponding pages
Help/Action/Upload This page covers too much context. The concept of changeset and upload might be better placed on an own page. Screenshots are outdated and obtain sources is not explained.
Help/Concepts/Coordinates This page is partly incomplete and outdated. See EPSG:4326 and the proj4 plugin exists !
Help/Concepts/Object Member; Membership; Roles; Child and Parent not explained properly. Any need to split Tags into two parts ?
Help/Dialog/AddValue Outdated: changes from tickets #12438 are not yet explained
Help/Dialog/ChangesetManager Tabs "Tags" and "Content" and "Discussion" need some more explaination
Help/Dialog/Conflict This page needs a review as the conflict dialog changed a bit and the member tab is not documented.
Help/Dialog/EditValue This page is incomplete. Messages are not explained.
Help/Dialog/Filter This page is incomplete. See "TODO"s. Screenshot is outdated.
Help/Dialog/SelectionList This page needs some rework. The overview in the first part needs integration to the rest.
Help/Dialog/TagsMembership This page might need some clean up and more internal links.
Help/Dialog/Validator The gif animation should get an update which should include the usage of the lookup button.
Help/Downloading data This page is incomplete. please continue and expand with Notes; Validation errors; Plugins and Images from 3rd party servers
Help/JOSM interface customization The whole page is confusing. A complete overhall or a move of single snippets to other pages and deleting the page should be considered.
Help/MainToolbar The search part would better fit under Help/Preferences/Toolbar. A screenshot would be nice.
Help/Menu/GPXLayer This page is incomplete, Some actions are not explained.
Help/Menu/PhotoLayer The page "Correlate to GPX" needs to be created.
Help/Plugin/IndoorHelper This is just a short description. For further information see JOSM/Plugins/indoorhelper.
Help/Plugin/UtilsPlugin2 Some description links are missing.
Help/Plugin/Wikipedia This page is outdated. The buttons in the panel have changed.
Help/Preferences/Connection Check if anon usage is still allowed. Overpass can be added.
Help/Preferences/Display Gps settings are waiting to be added to this page. Go for it.
Help/Preferences/Validator This page is incomplete. Lot's of tests not described.
Help/RemoteControlCommands This page is missing command features.
Presets/Navigation_target This preset does not include a primary tag.

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