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(edit) @17473   2 days GerdP

see #17184: Memory leaks

  • clear also virtual ways when exiting SelectMode
(edit) @17472   2 days stoecker

fix #20402, I18n update

(edit) @17471   2 days GerdP

see #17184: Memory leaks

  • use String.intern() for field role in RelationMemberData constructor.
  • clear HistoryDataSet when last HistoryBrowserDialog instance is closed

We have route relations with +1000 members and +1000 versions. It's probably not a good idea to create all the RelationMemberData instances in advance. Will open a separate ticket for that.

(edit) @17470   3 days Klumbumbus

fix #20286 - Improve barrier=cycle_barrier icon (self created, idea of previous icon, PD and CC0 licensed)

(edit) @17469   3 days Klumbumbus

fix #20392 - Add shoulder=* to major roads presets and warn about shoulder=none

(edit) @17468   3 days Klumbumbus

fix #20338 - Deprecate amenity=embassy in favor of office=diplomatic (icon derived from office=government and amenity=embassy icons, PD and CC0 licensed)

(edit) @17467   3 days Klumbumbus

fix #20351 - Don't warn about "Value urology for key healthcare:speciality is unknown, maybe biology is meant"

(edit) @17466   3 days Klumbumbus

fix #20326 - Support railway:position instead of distance for railway=milestone

(edit) @17465   4 days GerdP

fix #20345: Corrupted GeoPropertyIndex due to wrong rounding?

  • remove method index(), iterate over real BBox instances instead to avoid edge cases
(edit) @17464   5 days GerdP

see #17184: Memory leaks

  • clear also refs to Conflicts which refer to OSM data in DataSet
(edit) @17463   6 days Don-vip

fix #20332 - add required fonts-noto ubuntu package

(edit) @17462   6 days GerdP

see #17184: Memory leaks

  • clear refs to OSM objects in popup memu of PropertiesDialog
(edit) @17461   6 days GerdP

see #17184: Memory leaks

  • clear refs to OSM objects when Extrude Mode is ended
(edit) @17460   7 days Don-vip

see #20363 - fix NPE

(edit) @17459   7 days Don-vip

fix #20363 - Extract necessary method for QuadBuckets into separate interface (patch by taylor.smock, modified)

(edit) @17458   8 days GerdP

see #17184: Memory leaks

  • clear collection rememberMovements in OrthogonalizeAction when no edit layer exits
  • clear refs to layers which may disturb GC, maybe because of the complex cyclic deps
(edit) @17457   9 days GerdP

fix #20318: Asking to tag segregated=no on highway=footway bicycle=yes is pointless

  • only complain about missing segregated tag if way is designated for bicycle AND foot
(edit) @17456   10 days GerdP

see #20313: Relation editor: Changes of "uninteresting" tags in mapview not recognized.
and #12599: Added/deleted "uninteresting" tags are "reverted" by downloading area again (twice)

  • let method hasEqualSemanticAttributes compare all tags by default (as the javadoc states)
(edit) @17455   10 days GerdP

see #17184: Memory leaks

  • don't keep ref to primitives, it isn't needed anywhere
(edit) @17454   11 days Don-vip

filter empty WMS params

(edit) @17453   11 days Don-vip

better comparison of WMS entries

(edit) @17452   11 days GerdP


(edit) @17451   12 days Don-vip

ignore house=detached

(edit) @17450   12 days Don-vip

fix #20188 - NPE

(edit) @17449   12 days Don-vip

fix #20360 - fix splash screen scrolling (patch by DevCharly)

(edit) @17448   13 days Klumbumbus

Avoid some false positive combination warnings with place=plot, see

(edit) @17447   2 weeks GerdP

fix #20352: Incorrect validation warning on waterway crossing of adjacent water areas
Commit 20352.patch to

  • treat waterway=riverbank as water area
  • ignore crossing waterways and water areas
(edit) @17446   2 weeks GerdP

fix #20311: NPE at josm.actions.DownloadAlongAction.actionPerformed()

  • have to install the adapters so that a change in the selection is actually recognized
  • reverts r17431 which assumed that the adapters are installed
(edit) @17445   2 weeks GerdP

see #20272: Confusing handling of native scale layer and "zoom to download"

  • if imageary layer is removed which was enabled for "scale follows native resolution ..." set the native scale layer to null.

An alternative might be to check if another layer could be enabled, but that would requure more logic and a history.

(edit) @17444   2 weeks GerdP

see #20313: Relation editor: Changes of "uninteresting" tags in mapview not recognized.

  • don't ignore "uninteresting" tags when comparing relation in editor with that the original
(edit) @17443   2 weeks Don-vip

ignore house=semi-detached, popular only in England/Ireland and we already ignore building=semidetached_house

(edit) @17442   2 weeks Don-vip

see #20345 - add unit test

(edit) @17441   2 weeks Klumbumbus

Don't warn about missing name for place=* if noname=yes is present (similar to all other rules with [!name]) (from

(edit) @17440   2 weeks GerdP

see #17184: Memory leaks

  • remove more listeners in destroy()
  • reset fields which might reference OSM objects
  • call data.clearSelection when data layer is destroyed so that fewer actions keep references on OSM elements in that layer

My goal here: When a layer is closed JOSM should really allow to GC all OSM data and GPX data that was loaded before.

(edit) @17439   2 weeks GerdP

see #17184: Memory leaks

  • implement method clear() in GpxData and call it when the GpxLayer is destroyed

Reduces memory leak when GPX layers are merged. Without this change GC seems to be unable to free the memory for WayPoints

(edit) @17438   2 weeks GerdP

fix #20289: Unglue Node shows confusing "Where should the tags of the node be put" for node with converted_by=* tag

  • check isTagged() instead of hasKeys() like in other methods
(edit) @17437   2 weeks GerdP

fix #20342: Validator results not cleared

  • add code to make sure that invalidation listeners are called when buildTree is called even if the tree is empty

The new method buildTreeInternal() is not strictly needed but I think it was too easy to add a return statement somewhere without looking at the very end of the complex method and thus skipping the line

(edit) @17436   2 weeks GerdP

see #20342: Validator results not cleared

  • make sure that validator tree is rebuild even if all found errors are ignored (regression from r13893)
(edit) @17435   3 weeks Don-vip

fix #20335 - NPE in changeset manager when sorting open changesets

(edit) @17434   3 weeks Don-vip

fix #20337 - support dog:conditional

(edit) @17433   3 weeks Don-vip

fix #20339 - see #19672 - distinguish context for gender values, as "mixed" is also used for leaf_type

(edit) @17432   3 weeks GerdP

fix #20253: Weird area shading at a corner

  • use closePath() instead of lineTo(first) (Patch by michael2402)
(edit) @17431   3 weeks GerdP

fix #20311: NPE at josm.actions.DownloadAlongAction.actionPerformed()

  • call updateEnabledState() in constructor
(edit) @17430   3 weeks GerdP

fix #20330: Crossing landuse=residential and natural=water should not produce a warning

  • ignore crossing ways when one is landuse=residential and the other is natural=water or landuse=reservoir

(both should be implemented in mapcss rules if wanted)

  • add unit test
(edit) @17429   3 weeks GerdP

fix #20325: Update Multipolygon removes tags instead of moving them to relation

  • rewrite handling of update multipolygon cases
  • let removeTagsFromWaysIfNeeded() check if getDataset() returns null instead of checking isNew(). I assume it was always meant to work like this. JoinAreasAction works fine with that and I hope no plugin relies on the old behaviour.
  • add regression unit test and more unit tests to improve coverage
(edit) @17428   3 weeks Klumbumbus

fix #20307 - Don't warn about unknown values for keys ending with :maxstay

(edit) @17427   3 weeks GerdP

fix #20304: Missing small button to invoke list of recent relations

  • call super.dispose() earlier so that recent relation list is properly filled
(edit) @17426   4 weeks simon04

I18n update

(edit) @17425   4 weeks GerdP

fix #20031: area:highway validation produces false positive "Overlapping ways"

  • add area:highway to the list of tags that describe an area so that it is ignored by the OverlappingWays test
(edit) @17424   4 weeks GerdP

fix #20123: "null" Preference Tab

  • log error and ignore preference is a TabPreferenceSetting which doesn't provide an icon
(edit) @17423   4 weeks GerdP

see #20228: JOSM hangs when downloading children relations

  • partly revert r17206 (don't wait) , this should fix the hanging situation
  • register / unregister listeners to avoid EDT violations when relation editor doesn't show the "Tags and Members" dialog tab
(edit) @17422   4 weeks GerdP

see #17184: Memory leaks

  • reset selection in selectRelationAction (not a real problem, but makes it harder to find real leaks)
(edit) @17421   4 weeks GerdP

see #17184: Memory leaks

  • reset field lastUsedNode in draw mode (not a real problem, but makes it harder to find real leaks)
(edit) @17420   4 weeks GerdP

see #17184: Memory leaks

  • don't keep list of OSM data in validator tests (not a real problem, but makes it harder to find real leaks)
(edit) @17419   5 weeks GerdP

see #19296: Actions should avoid to install listeners which are not needed

  • DownloadAlongAction doesn't use the listeners but is created for each right click on a GPX layer, stores a ref to GpxData and blocks GC
(edit) @17418   5 weeks GerdP

see #17184: Memory leaks

  • remove listener when layer is removed (regression of r13608)
(edit) @17417   5 weeks Don-vip

fix #20262 - make ImageryReader robust to the fact imagery layers sometimes can't be created successfuly

(edit) @17416   5 weeks GerdP

i18n: use "Nothing changed" instead of "nothing changed" as in CreateMultipolygonAction

(edit) @17415   5 weeks GerdP

see #20019: Warn about direction=forward/backward on invalid nodes.

  • use tag key + "=forward|backward" in messages so that we don't get separate messages for each direction
(edit) @17414   5 weeks GerdP

see #19296: Actions should avoid to install listeners which are not needed

  • both Note actions don't use SelectionChangeListener or LayerChangeListener
(edit) @17413   5 weeks GerdP

see #20019: Warn about direction=forward/backward on invalid nodes.

  • revert changes in from 17412
  • improve test coverage (nodes with positive ids)
(edit) @17412   5 weeks GerdP

see #20019: Warn about direction=forward/backward on invalid nodes.

  • simplify source
  • improve test coverage
(edit) @17411   5 weeks GerdP

fix #20019: Warn about direction=forward/backward on invalid nodes.

  • show error for unconnected node Unconnected node with {0}. Use angle or cardinal direction
  • show warning for node that is connected, but not to a suitable way Node with {0} should be connected to a linear way
  • show information for Node with {0} on end of way and Node with {0} on a connection of multiple ways, both in group Disputed usage of direction on node
  • special handling for highways: if there is a major highway as defined in Highways.CLASSIFIED_HIGHWAYS, ignore minor ways like footway, path to reduce false positives at traffic lights.
(edit) @17410   5 weeks Klumbumbus

fix #20241 - Don't warn about icao and iata tags on aerodrome=heliport

(edit) @17409   5 weeks Klumbumbus

fix #20234 - Don't warn about unclosed natural=mountain_range

(edit) @17408   5 weeks GerdP

fix #20238: update multipolygon on old-style multipolygon action cannot be fully undone

  • make sure that a command to update the relation is generated
  • add unit test
(edit) @17407   6 weeks Don-vip

remove TLD from IANA

(edit) @17406   6 weeks GerdP

fix #20230: update multipolygon action removes tags from ways without adding them to relation

  • create ChangeCommand if tags of updated relation were changed

Todo: refactoring to remove class CreateUpdateMultipolygonTask

(edit) @17405   6 weeks GerdP

fix #20038: Autofix in RightAngleBuildingTest should be removed

  • remove code which creates a rather useless move command
(edit) @17404   6 weeks GerdP

fix #19006: Incorrect plugins path used
revert r3130, only scan directory returned by Preferences.main().getPluginsDirectory()

(edit) @17403   6 weeks Don-vip

see #16567 - JUnit 5: enable parallel execution mode with command line parameters


(edit) @17402   6 weeks wiktorn

Refuse to download tiles if the tileset is too large

Use TileSet in overloadTiles and move decision whether to load the tileset or not to loadAllTiles.

Closes: #20207

(edit) @17401   6 weeks GerdP

fix #20222: Relation editor: Changes in member order are lost when updates are applied

  • correct logic which decides what type of command is needed, regression from r17358
(edit) @17400   6 weeks GerdP

fix #20121: Confusing handling of water objects in CrossingWays

  • report all self crossing ways with the same message
  • ignore corssing water areas because they are reported by mapcss geometry tests
  • don't ignore crossing between water areas and highway, railway, barrier, or building
  • remove redundant and missleading checks in CrossingWays.Ways.ignoreWaySegmentCombination()
  • add unit test for coverage and test of these changes
  • fix @since
(edit) @17399   6 weeks GerdP

fix #20213: Command stack: Edits in relation editor are listed in wrong stack and lead to exception

  • revert changes for #17196, this approach was too simple because relation editor may save changes for an inactive edit layer
(edit) @17398   6 weeks Don-vip

see #16073 - prefix test name by country code, if any

(edit) @17397   6 weeks GerdP

see #19885: memory leak with "temporary" objects in validator and actions

  • always call way.setNodes(null)
(edit) @17396   6 weeks Don-vip

fix #20143 - make restart work with new macOS package built with jpackage

(edit) @17395   6 weeks GerdP

see #19098: Unable to update plugin after crash of plugin

  • restore and document old behaviour to return null in case of errors in public method loadLocallyAvailablePluginInformation()
(edit) @17394   6 weeks GerdP

fix checkstyle issue

(edit) @17393   6 weeks GerdP

see #10205: Strange align nodes in circle behavior

  • allow to define center node also when a single unclosed way is selected
  • add robustness and more unit tests for evaluation of valid selections
  • if only nodes and no way are selected, order the nodes using the angle to the agv. east-north position. This should produce a predictable result
  • if way(s) are selected the order the nodes is determined by the occurence in the way(s). Self-Intersecting polygons are rejected if no center node is given
  • don't throw InvalidSelection when selection is valid but no point was moved, let buildCommand() return null instead

With a selection that gives a center point and way(s) which are not even close to a circular shape the result might still be surprising. Sometimes the way nodes are arranged around the center node, sometimes they are moved so that a circle arc with nearly the same length is produced. The result changes significantly when the way nodes are also selected. Subject to further improvements.

(edit) @17392   6 weeks GerdP

fix #19098: Unable to update plugin after crash of plugin

  • wait for completion of threads
  • don't start PluginHandler.updateOrdisablePluginAfterException(e) in EDT

tested with old buildings_tool.jar version 34113 which causes an immediate crash when a new data layer is created.
TODO: Why didn't any unit test find this obvious bug? Seems we are mocking too much?

(edit) @17391   7 weeks Don-vip

see #13784 - restart robustness

(edit) @17390   7 weeks Don-vip

fix #13784 - restart robustness

(edit) @17389   7 weeks Klumbumbus

Add water=basin

(edit) @17388   7 weeks Klumbumbus

fix #20117 - Warn about abbreviated street names:

  • Bnd for Bend
  • Cv for Cove
  • Trl for Trail
  • Xing for Crossing
  • Vw for View
(edit) @17387   7 weeks Klumbumbus

fix #20193 - Warn about transformer=* on ways

(edit) @17386   7 weeks GerdP

fix #20041: Align nodes in Circle creates Command which changes nothing

  • only create move command if node is visibly moved
  • reject a self-intersecting way
  • reject old nodes outside of download area (the original code only shows an info and continues)
  • add some unit tests to improve coverage
(edit) @17385   7 weeks GerdP

fix #20187: Invalid warning: unclosed natural=earth_bank

  • add earth_bank to exclude list
(edit) @17384   7 weeks GerdP

fix #20182: NumberFormatException in ConnectivityRelations.parseConnectivityTag

  • fix crash with invalid connectivity=right_turn or a single number like connectivity=1
  • remove code which looks for "bw" after "bw" was replaced by -1000.
  • some more cleanup and code simplifications
  • use JOSMTestRules() instead of JOSMFixture

I don't like that method parseConnectivityTag() is public but didn't change it so far. It seems a bit strange to return an empty map for different kinds of problems found in the connectivity tag.

(edit) @17383   7 weeks Don-vip

see #16567 - better assertion error messages for rules/plugins integration tests

(edit) @17382   7 weeks GerdP

fix #20174: Exclude administrative borders, especially national administrative borders from "very long segment"

  • exclude ways with boundary=* from test LongSegment
(edit) @17381   7 weeks GerdP

fix checkstyle issue

(edit) @17380   7 weeks stoecker

missing counter increase, fix #CID1437607

(edit) @17379   7 weeks GerdP

see #17196 Undo/Redo may change data in inactive layer

  • fix sonar issue: Make UndoRedoHandler.clean(Dataset dataset) static
(edit) @17378   7 weeks GerdP

fix #17196 Undo/Redo may change data in inactive layer

  • fix case when there are two layers with changes and one layer is closed. The undo stack for the other layer disappeared.
(edit) @17377   7 weeks GerdP

fix javadoc

(edit) @17376   7 weeks GerdP

fix issues reported by sonar / coverity, simplify code, add unit tests to improve coverage

(edit) @17375   8 weeks GerdP

fix #20163: Split way corrupts relation when splitting via way

  • if via way in turn restriction is split we have to insert new member
(edit) @17374   8 weeks GerdP

see #20167: [patch] Improve code readability by replacing indexed loops with foreach
Patch by gaben, slightly modified
I removed the changes for

  •, they introduce a TODO
  • (no improvement in readability)
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