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(edit) @12426   15 hours Don-vip

see #14924 - remove useless <CR><LF> from javadoc

(edit) @12425   16 hours Don-vip

fix #14959 - NPE

(edit) @12424   17 hours Don-vip

see #14924 - support NMEA GLL sentence

(edit) @12423   37 hours Don-vip

see #14924 - support NMEA IN and EC talker IDs, found in gpsd test files, as they can be obtained from real maritime navigation systems / gps receivers

(edit) @12422   37 hours Don-vip

fix #14924 - fix NPE when reading NMEA files starting with a (0,0) coordinate followed by a VTG sentence

(edit) @12421   38 hours Don-vip

see #14924 - improve NMEA documentation thanks to gpsd ( + add support for NMEA sentences coming from GLONASS, Galileo or Beidu receivers

(edit) @12420   41 hours Don-vip

fix #14956 - wrong link to taginfo if key/value contains space character

(edit) @12419   2 days michael2402

GPX color selector: Highlight current color.

(edit) @12418   3 days Klumbumbus

fix #14779 - improve highway=road warning message; update preset wiki links

(edit) @12417   3 days Klumbumbus

fix #14417 - add airmark=beacon and ​aeroway=navigationaid and improve icon of ​man_made=beacon (icons self created, plane from terminal icon, all CC0 and PD licensed)

(edit) @12416   4 days Klumbumbus

fix #14950 - warn if object is tagged with access only

(edit) @12415   5 days Klumbumbus

fix #14947, see #14425 - fix wikipedia warning message

(edit) @12414   6 days Don-vip

fix more SonarQube issues

(edit) @12413   6 days Don-vip

fix some SonarQube issues

(edit) @12412   6 days michael2402

Fix #14946: Set the right data set for tag corrections when reversing a way.

(edit) @12411   6 days Don-vip

fix OS build description for Linux systems

(edit) @12410   6 days Don-vip

fix #14945 - InvalidPathException at startup when invalid URL is registered for map paint style

(edit) @12409   8 days Don-vip

see #11924 - fix javadoc warnings new in 9-ea+173

(edit) @12408   9 days Don-vip

see #2089 - add missing jdk9 exports directives

(edit) @12407   9 days Don-vip

see #14929 - add support for numeric ranges + unit test

(edit) @12406   9 days Don-vip

see #2089 - fix javadoc warning with jdk9

(edit) @12405   10 days Don-vip

fix #14938 - robustness to system date changing during startup

(edit) @12404   11 days Klumbumbus

see #14917 - sort craft presets: food group, apartment/house group, other "soft"/art craft group, other "hard" craft group

(edit) @12403   12 days Don-vip

see #14929 - findbugs

(edit) @12402   12 days Don-vip


(edit) @12401   12 days Don-vip

see #14929 - fix NPE in unit tests

(edit) @12400   12 days Don-vip

see #14929 - Automatic filters on numeric tag values (level, layer, maxspeed, voltage)

(edit) @12399   12 days bastiK

fixed #14926 - repeat-image-phase: does not work

(edit) @12398   12 days Don-vip

update new TLD from IANA

(edit) @12397   12 days Don-vip

see #2089 - add openjfx as recommended package on Debian/Ubuntu

(edit) @12396   12 days michael2402

LayerVisibilityAction: Align the texts more nicely.

(edit) @12395   12 days michael2402

Add GPS colors to layer visibility panel

(edit) @12394   12 days michael2402

Fix LayerVisibilityActionTest: It does require the laye rlist dialog, which requires shortcuts, so we need most of JOSM.

(edit) @12393   12 days michael2402

Hide color filter sliders if no image layer is selected.

(edit) @12392   12 days michael2402

Unify handling of visibility checkbox and opacity slider

(edit) @12391   12 days michael2402

See #14794: Documentation for the gui package

(edit) @12390   12 days michael2402

See #14794: Document data.validation package and subpackages.

(edit) @12389   13 days Don-vip

see #14929 - extract OSDLabel from FilterTableModel

(edit) @12388   13 days Don-vip

see #14929 - change signature of FilterWorker.clearFilterFlags

(edit) @12387   13 days Don-vip

see #14929 - filter dialog: invalidate only edit layer instead of repainting the whole mapview

(edit) @12386   13 days Don-vip

specify dataset when constructing DeleteCommand from SimplifyWayAction (causes error in opendata plugin unit test)

(edit) @12385   2 weeks michael2402

See #14794: Class comment for CachedProperty

(edit) @12384   2 weeks michael2402

Doument the gui.tagging package

(edit) @12383   2 weeks Don-vip

see #14929 - new methods to ease the direct handling of filters

(edit) @12382   2 weeks michael2402

More documentation for the tools package

(edit) @12381   2 weeks michael2402

More documentation for the gui.mappaint package

(edit) @12380   2 weeks Don-vip

remove deprecated MapView.viewportFollowing public field

(edit) @12379   2 weeks michael2402

Document the gui.mappaint.mapcss package

(edit) @12378   2 weeks michael2402

Document the gui.mappaint package

(edit) @12377   2 weeks michael2402

See #14794: Document the layer.gpx package

(edit) @12376   2 weeks michael2402

See #14794: Document package osm.visitor.paint

(edit) @12375   2 weeks michael2402

Document the data.coor package

(edit) @12374   2 weeks michael2402

Javadoc for the data package.

(edit) @12373   2 weeks michael2402

Fix listener leak in ChangesetDialog and migrate ChangesetInSelectionListModel to new dataset listeners.

(edit) @12372   2 weeks michael2402

See #14794: Document package gui.dialogs.changeset

(edit) @12371   2 weeks michael2402

See #14794: Class comment for ChangesetInSelectionListModel

(edit) @12370   2 weeks michael2402

Document upload dialog classes

(edit) @12369   2 weeks michael2402

Javadoc for gui.progress package

(edit) @12368   2 weeks michael2402

Fix checkstyle

(edit) @12367   2 weeks michael2402

Document GPX color scale

(edit) @12366   2 weeks michael2402

Javadoc for ZoomToAction

(edit) @12365   2 weeks michael2402

CyclicUploadDependencyException: Copy the collection passed to the constructor. Fix squid:S1149

(edit) @12364   2 weeks michael2402

Javadoc: CyclicUploadDependencyException

(edit) @12363   2 weeks michael2402

PushbackTokenizer: Range is in long, so use Long.MAX_VALUE instead of Integer.MAX_VALUE

(edit) @12362   2 weeks michael2402

Javadoc: PushbackTokenizer

(edit) @12361   2 weeks michael2402

Fix #14916: Remove the unused ToggleGPXLinesAction

(edit) @12360   2 weeks Don-vip

see #14929 - filter dialog: invalidate only edit layer instead of repainting the whole mapview

(edit) @12359   2 weeks michael2402

OrthogonalizeActionTest: Set the edit data set the action works on.

(edit) @12358   2 weeks michael2402

DownloadAlongTrackActionTest: Change to test rules to get a cleaner test environment

(edit) @12357   2 weeks michael2402

JoinAreasActionTest: Set the active edit layer

(edit) @12356   2 weeks michael2402

CombineWayAction: Allow merging ways that are not in the current edit data set.

(edit) @12355   2 weeks michael2402

DownloadWmsAlongTrackAction: Do not require main window to be instanciated.

Allows running tests in a lighter environment.

(edit) @12354   2 weeks michael2402

WireframeToggleAction: repaint all data layers.

(edit) @12353   2 weeks michael2402

ConflictDialog: Do not refresh twice during show

(edit) @12352   2 weeks michael2402

Use new selection interface in ConflictDialog

The dialog is now not confused by any selection changes that happen in the non-edit layers (e.g. because of undo)

(edit) @12351   2 weeks michael2402

Fix FollowLineAction selecting the wrong primitive

When using the ChangeCommand, the newly created way is discared and the original one is still in the data set.

(edit) @12350   2 weeks michael2402

See #13036: Add data set tests to SelectCommand

(edit) @12349   2 weeks michael2402

Fix SelectCommand triggering a critical error when it is undone after the edit layer was changed.

(edit) @12348   2 weeks michael2402

See #13036: Add more consistency checks to move / delete command.

(edit) @12347   2 weeks michael2402

Use preferences to store modeless setting and toggle dialog widht

(edit) @12346   2 weeks michael2402

SearchAction: Use ExpertToggleAction to determine if expert mode is active.

(edit) @12345   2 weeks michael2402

Apply #14840: Fix alignment in search dialog. Patch by bafonins

(edit) @12344   2 weeks michael2402

Rename search options to search syntax

(edit) @12343   2 weeks michael2402

Add the ability to listen to NoteData changes and use it to repaint notes layer.

(edit) @12342   2 weeks michael2402

Change MapPaintStyles listener to use a ListenerList

(edit) @12341   2 weeks michael2402

Move common style update code to new method in map paint styles.

(edit) @12340   2 weeks michael2402

Fix #14893: Invalidate geo image / marker layer instead of repainting map view

(edit) @12339   2 weeks michael2402

Add javadoc to SlippyMapBBoxChooser

(edit) @12338   2 weeks michael2402

Sonar squid:S1125 - simplify condition.

(edit) @12337   2 weeks michael2402

PluginHandlerTestIT: Remove unused import.

(edit) @12336   2 weeks michael2402

Add trace logging if plugin class is not found in dependency class loader.

(edit) @12335   2 weeks michael2402

SearchAction: Remove unused DescriptionTextBuilder, it was replaced by SearchKeywordRow a long time ago.

(edit) @12334   2 weeks michael2402

Javadoc for SearchAction.

(edit) @12333   2 weeks michael2402

Fix #14840: Add separation borders to search dialog. Patch by bafonins

(edit) @12332   2 weeks Don-vip

sonar - squid:RightCurlyBraceStartLineCheck - A close curly brace should be located at the beginning of a line

(edit) @12331   2 weeks Don-vip

see #2089 - include jfxrt.jar in ProGuard classpath

(edit) @12330   2 weeks michael2402

Fix #14854: Run DrawAction selection listener and related UI updates in EDT.

(edit) @12329   2 weeks michael2402

See #14854: Selection change listeners should not re-add the primitives that are removed to the selection.

(edit) @12328   2 weeks Don-vip

fix #2089 - Add support for MP3, AIFF and AAC audio codecs (.mp3, .aac, .aif, .aiff files) if Java FX is on the classpath (i.e. Windows, macOS, nearly all major Linux distributions). The classes are not public on purpose, as the whole system will have to be simplified when all Linux distributions propose Java FX and so we can get rid of old Java Sound implementation.

(edit) @12327   2 weeks Don-vip

see #2089 - move test classes to their own package

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