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(edit) @14932   53 minutes Don-vip

see #15051, fix #17522 - crash in filter dialog caused by r14927 (patch by taylor.smock)

(edit) @14931   6 hours GerdP

see #17469: Fix memory leak: destroy JosmAction

(edit) @14930   14 hours GerdP

see #17514: Allow to paste full changeset URL where changeset id is expected

(edit) @14929   15 hours GerdP

fix #17506: Display languages in alphabetical order

(edit) @14928   16 hours GerdP

see #17333: remove "?" from title so that already existing I18N string can be used.

(edit) @14927   26 hours Don-vip

see #15051 - refactoring: extract SearchDialog from SearchAction

(edit) @14926   27 hours GerdP

fix #17333: Show last used tags in Add Tag Dialog

(edit) @14925   31 hours Klumbumbus

see #17512 - add osmarender:renderName, osmarender:renderRef and osmarender:rendernames to automatically discarded tags too

(edit) @14924   33 hours Don-vip

lakewalker plugin is dead and replaced by scanaerial

(edit) @14923   33 hours Don-vip

fix #17515 - deprecate name=АГЗС for amenity=fuel

(edit) @14922   34 hours Don-vip

fix #7481 - add missing conflict when merging a primitive modified and deleted in two data sets

(edit) @14921   36 hours Don-vip

ignore border_type

(edit) @14920   2 days stoecker

see #16123 - use port 443 for tests always, not a specified non-standard port - last variant failed with {switch:...} statements

(edit) @14919   2 days stoecker

see #16123 - use port 443 for tests always, not a specified non-standard port

(edit) @14918   2 days Don-vip

fix #9257 - detect highway=footway, highway=pedestrian with foot=yes (and highway=cycleway with bicycle=yes) (PATCH by mkoniecz)

(edit) @14917   2 days Don-vip

fix #17504 - deprecate is_in globally / is_in:* for nodes and ways

(edit) @14916   2 days Don-vip

fix #17512 - Add osmarender:nameDirection to automatically discarded tags

(edit) @14915   4 days Klumbumbus
  • see #17493 - fix alphabetical order
  • fix #17500 - don't warn about width on leisure=track (patch by francians)
(edit) @14914   4 days GerdP

see #17475: Improve test for obsolete associatedStreet relations

  • if member is a multipolygon relation try to find location, for other relation types location is not computed
  • if location of any member is not computed the relation is not marked obsolete
(edit) @14913   5 days GerdP

fix findbugs: remove redundant null checks

(edit) @14912   5 days GerdP

see #17469: add shortcut Shift+Minus for "Ignore for now" action

(edit) @14911   5 days Klumbumbus

fix #17100, see #17471 - add name=silo|rumah|jalan to descriptive name warning, move АЗС there too, disable autofix for cases where the value of the name tag could be the value of the other tag (manual fix by human required in these cases)

(edit) @14910   5 days Klumbumbus

fix #17391 - raise warning threshold about narrow highway=pedestrian to 3

(edit) @14909   5 days Klumbumbus

fix #17493 - add bicycle_parking=bollard

(edit) @14908   5 days GerdP

fix checkstyle issue

(edit) @14907   6 days GerdP

see #17412: improve code which identifies previously expanded rows
Old code did not work when text was created by concatenating message and description, for example "suspicious tag combination - maxspeed on suspicious object (1)"
New code is simpler and a bit faster.

(edit) @14906   7 days GerdP

fix #17475: Validator should mark obsolete type=associatedStreet relations

(edit) @14905   7 days GerdP

fix #17440: remove confusing code
fixes several sonar lint issues "Local variables should not shadow class fields"

(edit) @14904   7 days Don-vip

fix #9257 - detect highway=footway|pedestrian with foot=yes|designated (and highway=cycleway with bicycle=yes|designated)

(edit) @14903   7 days Don-vip

fix #17487 - NPE

(edit) @14902   7 days Don-vip

fix #17481 - NPE

(edit) @14901   7 days Don-vip

fix #17482 - suggest to remove building:ruian:type when there is no added value

(edit) @14900   7 days stoecker

show unused ignores

(edit) @14899   8 days GerdP

fix checkstyle issues (indention, empty lines)

(edit) @14898   8 days GerdP

fix #17291: improve handling of return code 404 in multifetch api

  • improve performance when server returns error code 404 (redacted): split workload into two halves instead of requesting each single id
  • reduce MAX_IDS_PER_REQUEST from 200 to 170 (this might decrease performace for large amounts of objects but should be safer)
(edit) @14897   8 days GerdP

fix #17468: Validator produces wrong warning for misspelled tag key

TODO: further improve words.cfg

(edit) @14896   8 days Don-vip

fix #17471 - Unicode characters must be quoted

(edit) @14895   8 days Don-vip

fix #17477 - AIOOBE

(edit) @14894   8 days GerdP

see #17469: Change action name "Remove" to "Ignore for now" else one might assume that the action removes the OSM objects.

(edit) @14893   8 days Don-vip

fix #17471 - use cyrillic characters for name=АЗС

(edit) @14892   8 days GerdP

see #17412: Improve re-selection of tree element when the tree is rebuild

  • If an item for a TestError was selected and the new tree contains a similar entry select this new entry. This works also when the entry is at very different position in the tree.
  • If multiple edit layers have validation results, don't try to use the selection of one layer when switching to another and don't try to expand the same rows.
(edit) @14891   8 days Don-vip

fix #17471 - complain about name=АЗС on amenity=fuel

(edit) @14890   8 days Don-vip

fix #17473 - Add XK as temporary user-assigned country code for Kosovo

(edit) @14889   9 days GerdP

fix #17469: Add action "Remove" to right click menu.
The action removes the corresponding error from the tree. The error is ignored until the validator is executed again.

(edit) @14888   9 days Don-vip

fix #17457 - Drop data depended tool tip from SelectedMembersForSelectionAction

(edit) @14887   11 days GerdP

see #17342: improve performance: check if selection is empty before searching error list

(edit) @14886   11 days GerdP

fix #17354: Relation list is not always updated

The problem was that RelationListDialog.otherDatasetChange(AbstractDatasetChangedEvent event) did nothing.
The dialog therefore misses events of type PRIMITIVE_FLAGS_CHANGED and if the flags of a relation are changed this should change the list.
When the dialog is build from scratch it looks at the relations with status complete and shows them.

(edit) @14885   11 days Klumbumbus

see #17100 - warn about name=house too

(edit) @14884   11 days Klumbumbus

fix #17100 - warn about descriptive names (patch by mkoniecz)

(edit) @14883   12 days Klumbumbus

see #13138 - don't warn about water=* on amenity=lavoir (see

(edit) @14882   13 days GerdP

code cleanup: move duplicated code to check ignore list and set ignored flag into new method in class TestError

(edit) @14881   2 weeks GerdP

see #17055: Suppress warning
Unknown property value - Value '12' for key 'capacity:disabled' is unknown, maybe one of [1, 2] is meant?

(edit) @14880   2 weeks Don-vip

fix #17448 - Same buttons in Upload Selection as in other upload dialogs (patch by Hb---)

(edit) @14879   2 weeks Klumbumbus

fix #17454 - Support interval as restriction-type in conditional syntax validator test

(edit) @14878   2 weeks GerdP

see #17412: revert undintended functional change made in r14860

(edit) @14877   2 weeks GerdP

fix sonar issue: Replace this if-then-else statement by a single method invocation.

(edit) @14876   2 weeks Klumbumbus

fix #17445 - reorder acricultural=* combo in access preset and give it a better label (patch by Hb---, modified)

(edit) @14875   2 weeks GerdP

fix sonar issue: Add underscores to this numeric value for readability

(edit) @14874   2 weeks Klumbumbus
(edit) @14873   2 weeks Klumbumbus

see #17249 - fix confucian icon

(edit) @14872   2 weeks GerdP

see #17443: increase threshold value reg. display of progress bar to reflect new calculation speed
With normal sized gpx tracks the calculation is done in a few miliseconds

(edit) @14871   2 weeks stoecker

See #16123 - move TestHTTPS ignores from script to IntegrationTestIgnores page

(edit) @14870   2 weeks GerdP

fix pmd issue "Avoid appending characters as strings in StringBuffer.append"

(edit) @14869   2 weeks GerdP

see #17438: errors with code INVALID_KEY are NOT fixable

(edit) @14868   2 weeks GerdP

fix #17443: improve performance for GPX layer action "Download from OSM along this track"

  • use Path2D.append() instead of Area.addToDownload() to calculate the area around the track
  • use only the intersection of the original area in recursive calls of DownloadAlongAction.addToDownload()

Even complex tracks which cover huge areas are now handled within a few seconds insteads of several minutes
Possible improvement: remove progress monitor in DownloadAlongTrackAction and add progress monitor for recursion in addToDownload() in DownloadAlongAction

(edit) @14867   2 weeks Klumbumbus

fix #17249 - clean up religion and denomination, replace religion=unitarian by religion=unitarian_universalist, warn about religion=catholic, add religion=tenrikyo and religion=confucian, add icons ( and, modified, PD and CC0 licensed)

(edit) @14866   2 weeks GerdP

fix some sonar issues

(edit) @14865   2 weeks GerdP

fix new sonar issues

(edit) @14864   2 weeks GerdP

simplify code, no need to duplicate the EnumMap created in ImageProvider in r14331

(edit) @14863   2 weeks GerdP

fix checkstyle issue

(edit) @14862   2 weeks Don-vip

fix #17427 - fix imagery html tooltip (regression of r11625?)

(edit) @14861   2 weeks Don-vip

fix #17404 - allow footways to reach amenity=toilets

(edit) @14860   2 weeks GerdP

fix some checkstyle and sonar issues, improve readability, no functional change expected

(edit) @14859   2 weeks GerdP

fix #17438: Use constant INVALID_KEY for error "Presets do not contain property key"
instead of INVALID_VALUE (very old typo)

(edit) @14858   2 weeks GerdP

see #17345: disable ignore button only when the top level (severity) entry is selected
This partly reverts r14825 as it also caused problems with other tests which create different description texts depending on the object(s).

(edit) @14857   2 weeks GerdP

see #17401, #17431

  • make sure that list of errors is never null
  • performance: avoid to sort list of errors when only elemets were removed from an already sorted list. This reduces time spent to rebuild the tree when primitives are removed or errors are fixed with the Fix button.
(edit) @14856   2 weeks GerdP

see #17412 if validator tree is rebuild, try to re-select the error row that was selected before.

(edit) @14855   2 weeks GerdP

see #17401: Improve performance: Use cached icon in MultipleNameVisitor
Drastically reduces the time to open a tree with thousands of errors

(edit) @14854   2 weeks GerdP

see #17342: call updateEnabledState() for Lookup Button also when the data was changed

(edit) @14853   2 weeks Don-vip

fix #17435 - NPE

(edit) @14852   3 weeks GerdP

see #17268: fix more javadoc issues

(edit) @14851   3 weeks GerdP

see #17268: fix some findbugs/sonar/javadoc issues

(edit) @14850   3 weeks GerdP

correct version number in @since

(edit) @14849   3 weeks GerdP

fix #17412: Update validator tree when primitives are purged or removed and existing errors refer to those primitives

(edit) @14848   3 weeks GerdP

see #17401: re-add public method addNoRedraw(Command c)

I used to have this in my local patch but it got lost somehow...

(edit) @14847   3 weeks GerdP

fix #17343 and #17344: Enable/Disable buttons in ValidatorDialog

(edit) @14846   3 weeks GerdP

fix findbugs issue: Should org.openstreetmap.josm.gui.dialogs.ValidatorDialog$AutofixCommand be a _static_ inner class?

(edit) @14845   3 weeks GerdP

fix #17401: create a SequenceCommand instead of adding single commands for each fixed error

(edit) @14844   3 weeks GerdP

revert unintented commit

(edit) @14843   3 weeks GerdP
(edit) @14842   3 weeks GerdP

see #17268: fix invalid i18n string

(edit) @14841   3 weeks Klumbumbus

fix #17424 - add sport=rowing preset

(edit) @14840   3 weeks Klumbumbus

fix #17423, see #17391 - fix warning about highway=pedestrian together with width<2

(edit) @14839   3 weeks GerdP

fix pmd: This call to Collection.toArray() may be optimizable

(edit) @14838   3 weeks GerdP

fix checkstyle issue

(edit) @14837   3 weeks GerdP

simplify code and avoid use of CopyList constructor

(edit) @14836   3 weeks GerdP

simplify code and avoid use of CopyList constructor

(edit) @14835   3 weeks GerdP

see #17343: prepare solution

updateEnabledState() should be called in ValidatorDialog

(edit) @14834   3 weeks GerdP

see #17342: Simplify code and drastically improve performance when selection contains a large number of objects

(edit) @14833   3 weeks GerdP

fix sonar issues

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