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(edit) @18327   11 hours GerdP

fix #21550: NPE in org.openstreetmap.josm.gui.tagging.presets.items.PresetListEntry.getCount

  • add null check (patch by taylor.smock)
(edit) @18326   4 days Klumbumbus

fix #21447, fix #21610, see #21426 - remove layer=0 from presets and fix default layer=-1 to layer=1 for man_made=bridge (patch by skyper)

(edit) @18325   4 days Klumbumbus

fix #21557 - Make "New changeset" translatable (patch by marcello)

(edit) @18324   13 days Klumbumbus

fix #17034 - Add power=connection (partly patch by gaben, icon self created PD and CC0 licensed)

(edit) @18323   3 weeks GerdP

fix #21541: false positive: crossing railways

  • treat railway=halt similar to railway=yard
(edit) @18322   3 weeks Don-vip

see #20522 see #21005 - Allow security manager, otherwise it raises a warning in Java 17 and throws an error with Java 18+


(edit) @18321   3 weeks GerdP

fix #21446: Memory leaks with TaggingPreset

  • don't always add ActiveLayerChangeListener in TaggingPreset constructor, only needed for some instances
  • let ToolbarPreferences implement TaggingPresetListener to update toolbar and free (most) refs to presets when a preset was uninstalled
(edit) @18320   3 weeks Don-vip

fix #21538 - Fixed GPS traces no longer being browsable (patch by ygramul, modified)

(edit) @18319   3 weeks Klumbumbus

see #21482 - Add Icons for barrier=ditch and organic=* (icons by Szem, GPL3 licensed)

(edit) @18318   3 weeks GerdP

see #20378:No Warnings on Crossings

  • improve I18n string (patch by Hb---, modified)
(edit) @18317   3 weeks GerdP

see #20982: Douglas-Peucker implementation is wrong
adapt unit test

(edit) @18316   3 weeks GerdP

fix #20982: Douglas-Peucker implementation is wrong
The Douglas-Peucker implementation should calculate the distance to the segment between the end nodes, not the distance to the line through those nodes.

(edit) @18315   4 weeks Don-vip

see #21486 - don't try to read int/long/float/double missing GPX metadata

(edit) @18314   4 weeks Don-vip

fix #21497 - see #21344 - don't use FILES_AND_DIRECTORIES selection mode if user chose native file dialogs (patch by taylor.smock)

(edit) @18313   4 weeks Don-vip

fix #21509 - fix potential NPEs related to comboboxes

(edit) @18312   4 weeks Don-vip

see #21522 - Place Windows shortcuts in "JOSM" menu group

(edit) @18311   4 weeks Don-vip

fix #21488 - make our custom checkbox models extend ToggleButtonModel so that Java 8u311 is happy

(edit) @18310   4 weeks Don-vip

fix #21519 - AIOOBE

(edit) @18309   4 weeks Don-vip

see #21510 - fixup, forgot to delete one part (patch didn't apply nicely)

(edit) @18308   4 weeks Don-vip

fix #21510 - Enable Multi-Release Jars (MRJAR - JEP 238 - patch by taylor.smock)

(edit) @18307   4 weeks Don-vip

fix #21508 - Remove empty rows from multiselect (patch by skyper)

(edit) @18306   4 weeks Don-vip

see #21476 - fix non-regression test in CI environment (patch by taylor.smock)

(edit) @18305   4 weeks Don-vip

fix #21505 - fix most of javadoc warnings, remove deprecated code

(edit) @18304   4 weeks Don-vip

fix #21502 - associate correct extensions in macOS / Windows installers, consistency for MIME types, use official osm+xml MIME type

(edit) @18303   4 weeks Don-vip

see #21476 - fix another checkstyle violation

(edit) @18302   4 weeks Don-vip

see #21476 - disable failing test + fix checkstyle violations

(edit) @18301   4 weeks Don-vip

i18n update

(edit) @18300   4 weeks Don-vip

see #16472 - allow to open geoimages into external viewer, useful for 360 images until we can display them in full resolution

(edit) @18299   5 weeks Don-vip

fix #21476 - Fix and add non-regression test for IllegalStateException in ChangesetQuery.forCurrentUser when the current user is anonymous (patch by taylor.smock)

(edit) @18298   5 weeks Don-vip

fix #20927 - ensure divider location remains between 0 and 1

(edit) @18297   5 weeks Don-vip

fix #21059 - add exports in Linux start scripts as for other native launchers

(edit) @18296   5 weeks Klumbumbus

fix #19573, see #21440 - Add some more barrier values (patch by skyper):

  • barrier=log (icon derived from, PD and CC0 licensed)
  • barrier=full-height_turnstile (icon created by skyper, GPL3 licensed)
  • barrier=height_restrictor (icon created by Szem and skyper, GPL3 licensed)
(edit) @18295   5 weeks Klumbumbus

update TLD from IANA

(edit) @18294   5 weeks Don-vip

fix #21456 - fix integration test

(edit) @18293   5 weeks Don-vip

fix #21452 - fix #21462 - fix deadlock (patch by marcello)

(edit) @18292   5 weeks Don-vip

fix #21462 - fix excessive synchronization in preferences introduced in r17541 (patch by marcello)

(edit) @18291   5 weeks Don-vip

fix #21463 - Fix parsing of empty parenthesis pairs in search expressions (patch by Woazboat)

(edit) @18290   5 weeks Don-vip

fix #21469 - Make First/Last buttons in image display window remember which images they come from (patch by taylor.smock):

  • Fixes an issue where non-deletable/removable objects did not disable the delete buttons
  • Adds a property change listener for actions so that the button they are part of is updated when the action is enabled/disabled
  • Adds some super classes (ImageAction/ImageRememberAction) to de-duplicate some code.
  • Attempts to keep the behavior from setNextEnabled/setPreviousEnabled intact as much as possible
(edit) @18289   6 weeks Don-vip

fix #21456 - boundaries.osm: add ISO3166-1:alpha2 code for Kosovo (patch by westnordost)

(edit) @18288   6 weeks Don-vip

fix #21451 - disallow to edit deleted child relations from parent editor

(edit) @18287   6 weeks Don-vip

fix #20913 - fix handling of GPX files in sessions (patch by Bjoeni)

  • revert r17659 (except for unit tests) - see #20233
    • don't save GPX track and marker colors in session file anymore, but in the GPX files as extensions (like before)
    • don't ask to save unmodified GPX file
    • don't override global color settings when individual track doesn't have a color
  • ask user to save changes to GPX file when any drawing settings or marker colors have changed (currently only happens for track colors)
  • save marker color values to session even when corresponding GPX layer has already been deleted
  • save alpha values for GPX marker colors
  • added explanation to the "overwrite GPX file" dialog
  • inform user if not all files referenced by the session file are saved yet
  • allow user to save all files that are not included in the *.jos/*.joz but are only referenced in the session file
  • display * next to GPX layers that need to be saved (move isDirty() logic from OsmDataLayer to AbstractModifiableLayer)
(edit) @18286   6 weeks Don-vip

fix #21398 - Update power plant related preset (patch by skyper)

(edit) @18285   6 weeks Don-vip

see #21443 - Extract shortcut disablement to interface, with default implementations for focusGained/focusLost (patch by taylor.smock)

(edit) @18284   7 weeks GerdP

fix checkstyle issue

(edit) @18283   7 weeks Don-vip

fix #21427 - further simplify UploadDialog (patch by marcello, modified)

  • The dialog was simplified by combining the function of two radiobuttons and one combobox into one combobox.
  • When an open changeset was selected on tab 2, existing tags on the open changeset could overwrite the data the user entered on tab 1. The user might spot this by looking closely at the tag table on tab 2, but then he may not. This non-obvious behaviour was removed.
  • The exception thrown when closing an already closed changeset was fixed.
  • More cosmetic changes to the dialog.
  • Maybe also a solution to #19319, #21387 (added revalidate()).
(edit) @18282   7 weeks GerdP

see #21438
Add unit test for tags keys which appear in presets but never with a value, e.g. ref
This should not produce Presets do not contain property key message.

(edit) @18281   7 weeks GerdP

fix #21438: NPE in AutoCompletionManager.getAllForKeys()

  • fix regression introduced with r18277
(edit) @18280   7 weeks Don-vip

fix #21420 - fix type mismatch warning (patch by marcello)

(edit) @18279   7 weeks Don-vip

fix #21426 - Add preset "layer" to preset "railway" (patch by skyper)

  • adds layer=* to railways and man_made=conveyor
  • adds bridge subtags to man_made=bridge and type=bridge
  • adds default layer value to some bridge and tunnel presets
(edit) @18278   7 weeks Don-vip

fix #21430 - Fix deletion of images (patch by taylor.smock)

(edit) @18277   7 weeks Don-vip

fix #21438 - NPE (patch by marcello)

(edit) @18276   7 weeks Don-vip

fix #21441 - Make Tags/Membership panel listen to Preset Preferences changes (patch by marcello)

(edit) @18275   7 weeks GerdP

fix #20514: Possible poor performance when validating selection

  • Improve performance of validator when a small selection is tested (selected objects or on upload) and there are objects with large bboxes which cover a lot of objects
(edit) @18274   7 weeks GerdP

fix #20899: Improve Way Accuracy Action: Warn when moving elements by a large distance
(patch w-confirmMovement.patch by ljdelight)
This patch updates the W-shortcut logic to check for nodes that move a large distance and show a warning dialog.

(edit) @18273   7 weeks GerdP

fix #20905: Duplicate informal warnings about missing crossing=*

  • get rid of the duplicate informational message for node with highway=crossing and no crossing=* tag
(edit) @18272   7 weeks GerdP

fix #21038: Test "Way end node near other way" is too aggressive for railroads

  • new preference validator.UnconnectedWays.node_way_distance_railway with a default dist of 1.0 m
  • additional check if end node is next to a buffer_stop
  • improved include/exclude lists to ignore planned or proposed railway and some objects which are buildings.
(edit) @18271   7 weeks GerdP

fix #20681: Unnecessary tag area=yes not reported for waterway=riverbank

  • add check for waterway=riverbank
  • change filter area to way to avoid duplicate warnings for relations with area=yes
(edit) @18270   8 weeks Don-vip

fix #20270 - Add man_made=utility_pole (patch by taylor.smock and francois.lacombe, reviewed by skyper)

(edit) @18269   8 weeks Don-vip

fix #21421 - Add place=city_block (patch by riiga_92)

(edit) @18268   8 weeks Don-vip

see #21398 - fix typo

(edit) @18267   8 weeks Don-vip

PluginHandlerTestIT: Skip unofficial plugins in headless mode, too much work for us for little added-value

(edit) @18266   8 weeks Don-vip

remove TLD from IANA

(edit) @18265   8 weeks Don-vip

fix new defects reported by coverity

(edit) @18264   8 weeks Don-vip

fix #21398 - Update power plant related preset (patch by skyper)

  • add power=heliostat to preset and style
  • add a new group for power=plant with a general preset and one for each plant:source
    • multiselect with icons plant:source for general preset but no plant:method
    • correct plant:method per plant:source in individual plant presets
  • match="none" to generator:method with only one value in power:generator presets, to have working presets links without generator:method
    • move the wiki links of power:generator up, to follow common practice.
(edit) @18263   8 weeks Don-vip

see #16472 - draw direction arrow of 360 images

(edit) @18262   8 weeks Don-vip

see #21396 - ignore boundary=historic

(edit) @18261   8 weeks Don-vip

remove TLD from IANA

(edit) @18260   8 weeks Don-vip

fix #21408 - fix fill-default property, add tests (patch by marcello)

(edit) @18259   8 weeks Don-vip

fix #21415 - Disable bicycle/horse=no on pedestrian crossing (patch by skyper)

(edit) @18258   8 weeks Don-vip

see #21408 - fixups (patch by marcello)

(edit) @18257   8 weeks Don-vip

fix #21408 - Fixes vanishing icons, and scrollpane size if icons have different sizes. Also disables multiselect if the selected primitives have different values (patch by marcello)

(edit) @18256   8 weeks Don-vip

see #16472 - AIOOBE (patch by taylor.smock)

(edit) @18255   2 months Don-vip

see #16472 - Fix coverity FB.FE_FLOATING_POINT_EQUALITY and FB.UG_SYNC_SET_UNSYNC_GET (patch by taylor.smock)

(edit) @18254   2 months Don-vip

fix #21408 - fix #19013, fix #21385, fix #21404 - Fix MultiSelect issues (patch by marcello)

(edit) @18253   2 months Don-vip

fix #21407 - AIOOBE

(edit) @18252   2 months Don-vip

see #16472 - Move xmp and iptc parsing to before gps short circuit (patch by taylor.smock)

(edit) @18251   2 months Don-vip

fix #21397 - restore combobox and multiselect abaility to display an icon (patch by marcello)

(edit) @18250   2 months Don-vip

see #21396, see #21336 - ignore more tags

(edit) @18249   2 months Don-vip

fix #21400 - Disable no as value of transport mode of public_transport=stop_position (patch by skyper)

(edit) @18248   2 months Don-vip

fix #15498 - Load folders containing pictures in separate layers if advanced property is set to true

(edit) @18247   2 months Don-vip

see #16472 - Fix shortcuts (add a listener for enable state change on button creation, patch by taylor.smock)

(edit) @18246   2 months Don-vip

see #16472 - add initial working 360 viewer, minimal tests, many tests disabled due to failures, but is usable (patch by taylor.smock)

(edit) @18245   2 months Don-vip

see #21396 - add flag:type to flagpole preset ; ignore some other popular tags

(edit) @18244   2 months Don-vip

see #21392 - add more debug info in the reported exception

(edit) @18243   2 months Don-vip

see #21144 - see #21334 - add debug logs + fix coverity 1464077 (Logically dead code: nextWp cannot be null with the isLast branch, but Eclipse doesn't see it)

(edit) @18242   2 months Don-vip

ignore some country or import specific popular tags

(edit) @18241   2 months Don-vip

remove TLD from IANA

(edit) @18240   2 months Don-vip

fix #21388 - Use dark blue background for sewage (patch by skyper)

(edit) @18239   2 months Don-vip

fix #21340 - Use generator:source specific wiki links in power=generator presets (patch by gaben)

(edit) @18238   2 months Don-vip

fix #21344 - Allow directories of images or other files to be opened in JOSM (patch by taylor.smock)

(edit) @18237   2 months Don-vip

see #21144 - fix #21334 - fix correlated image direction when position is between 2 gpx points

(edit) @18236   2 months Don-vip

fix #21375 - exempt <different> from max length restriction (patch by marcello)

(edit) @18235   2 months Don-vip

fix #21377 - Add application/zip to linux .desktop files (patch by taylor.smock)

(edit) @18234   2 months Don-vip

fix #21376 - see #19527 - NPE

(edit) @18233   2 months Don-vip

see #21144 - fix #21330 - fix #21335 - proper handling of correlation support layers in "duplicate" and "gpx export" actions

(edit) @18232   2 months GerdP

fix #20903: Incorrect and duplicate warning "Relation type is unknown"

  • don't show the message if relation has no type
(edit) @18231   2 months Don-vip

fix #20742 - warns about barrier with inappropriate access tags on highway (patch by reichg)

(edit) @18230   2 months Don-vip

fix #20530 - fix #20531 - Add man_made pump preset, deprecate man_made=pumping_rig, pump:type=* and substance=heat (patch and icons by skyper, François Lacombe and gaben)

(edit) @18229   2 months Don-vip

fix #20465 - skip "shop node connected to a highway" for highway=corridor (patch by reichg)

(edit) @18228   2 months Don-vip

fix #21339 - CertificateAmendmentTestIT: Update LetsEncrypt URL (patch by taylor.smock)

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