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Settings for the map projection and data interpretation

Map Projection

You can change the map projection method between Mercator, and some others. Be aware that projections maybe only valid for a certain area of the world.
The default projection for JOSM is Mercator. This projection has certain advantages, one of them is that geometric figures (e.g. circles and rectangles) aren't deformed when displayed. This is useful for mapping.

JOSM is able to automatically reproject raster images from the projection of the source to the projection that is set in JOSM. To avoid having set an unsuitable projection for a long time JOSM resets the projection setting to Mercator at every restart. In Expert mode you can set another projection as default with the "Set as default" button.

You can also change the system of measurement here (Metric, Chinese, Imperial, Nautical Mile). (You can also change it in the status bar.)

Map Paint Styles tab

In this section sources for displaying the data can be changed. Beside the internal styles also externals styles are presented and can be activated.


See Styles and Map Styles Toggle Dialog.

Tagging Presets tab

If you want to learn how presets can also be added to the toolbar see - Toolbar Customization
If you want to use presets or need complete reference of presets see Presets

Presets allow you to select predefined tags for objects. From this area of the preferences menu you can choose which presets to use.

The preset list will be downloaded automatically, then you have two options:

Activate preset(s) from available presets

Use source:trunk/images/preferences/activate-right.png the blue, right arrow in the middle.

Items on the right will appear in Presets menu.

Add a preset from the file

Include one from a URL or local file (or network-located file or file in a Dropbox alternative) by clicking on the source:trunk/images/dialogs/add.png plus button on the right.

Adding presets requires a restart of JOSM. Then the tagging presets can be selected as usual.

File Backup

If you save geo data to a local file and the file already exists JOSM writes the data to a temporary file (with the suffix ~). It then copies the temporary file to the target file. In the File Backup settings you can specify whether JOSM should delete the temporary file or whether it should leave it as "backup" in the file system.

  1. Go to the tab File backup in the Map Preferences
  2. Select or deselect the checkbox Keep backup files

See AutoSave Preferences

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