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The main menu of JOSM.

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Menu name Key Description Source
File Alt+F Handling OSM data, notes, tracks and JOSM itself JOSM core
Edit Alt+E Undo, Clipboard actions, Merge, Search, Preferences JOSM core
View Alt+V Look & Feel, Zoom, Object information JOSM core
Mode Alt+M Selecting Map modes JOSM core
Tools Alt+T Adding and manipulating selected objects JOSM core
More Tools Alt+O Geometry-related Actions Plugin
Data Alt+D Certain tagging schemes and External data Plugin
Selection Alt+N Manipulating the Selection itself JOSM core
Presets Alt+P Structured and searchable list of presets JOSM core
Imagery Alt+I Handling background images and data JOSM core
GPS Plugin
Windows Alt+W Handling windows, panels and dialogs JOSM core
Audio Alt+U Playback steering (hideable) JOSM core
Help Alt+H Search menu items, Status and Bug reports, Help JOSM core
  • Items might be disabled if not needed.
  • Items of source "Plugin" are optional and only available if used.
  • In addition, plugins can add more items to main menu and they are not restricted to plugin menus but can add items to any core menu.

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