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Standard menu items

Wireframe Style Ctrl₊W Render the map data as wireframe only
Data boundaries Enable/disable hatched background rendering of areas outside of the downloaded areas. (expert view only)
source:trunk/images/dialogs/mapstyle.svg Map Paint Styles (De-)Activate map paint styles
source:trunk/images/dialogs/zoomin.png Zoom in Zoom in one zoom-level
source:trunk/images/dialogs/zoomout.png Zoom out - Zoom out one zoom-level
source:trunk/images/dialogs/autoscale/data.png Zoom to data 1 Zoom the window so that all the data fills the window area
source:trunk/images/dialogs/autoscale/layer.png Zoom to layer 2 Zoom the window so that all the data on the currently selected layer fills the window area
source:trunk/images/dialogs/autoscale/selection.png Zoom to selection 3 Zoom the window so that only data which is currently selected fills the window area
source:trunk/images/dialogs/autoscale/conflict.png Zoom to conflict 4 Zoom to the first selected conflict
source:/trunk/images/dialogs/autoscale/download.png Zoom to download 5 Zoom the view to last downloaded data
source:/trunk/images/dialogs/autoscale/problem.png Zoom to problem 6 Zoom the view to problem
source:trunk/images/dialogs/autoscale/previous.png Zoom to previous 8 Zoom to the previous zoomed to scale and location (zoom undo)
source:/trunk/images/dialogs/autoscale/next.png Zoom to next 9 Zoom to the next zoomed to scale and location (zoom redo)
source:trunk/images/viewport-follow.svg Viewport Following Ctrl₊Shift₊F Enable/Disable automatic centring of the map view to last placed node (expert view only)
Fullscreen view F11 Toggle between window and fullscreen view
Jump To Position Ctrl₊J Opens the Jump To Position dialog (expert mode only)
source:trunk/images/info.png Advanced info Ctrl₊I Display object infomation about OSM nodes, ways or relations
source:trunk/images/info.png Advanced info (web) Ctrl₊Shift₊I Display object infomation about OSM nodes, ways, relations or notes in web browser
source:trunk/images/dialogs/history.png History Ctrl₊H Display history infomation about OSM nodes, ways or relations
source:trunk/images/dialogs/history.png History (web) Ctrl₊Shift₊H Display history infomation about OSM nodes, ways or relations in web browser
Main Toolbar Hide/Show the top toolbar
Edit Toolbar Hide/Show the left panel (edit toolbar and toggle dialog toolbar)
Dialogs Panel TAB Hide/Show the toggle dialogs panel (at the right side)
source:trunk/images/expert.png Expert View Show more buttons for experienced users.

Additional menu items

These menu items are only available when the corresponding plugins have been installed.

Zoom to selected image Zoom to the currently selected Mapillary image
Osmarender Clicking this menu item causes the data currently shown in the main window to be nicely rendered as SVG in FireFox

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