JOSM Map Styles

source:trunk/images/dialogs/mapstyle.svg The JOSM map display can be easily customized with different styles. Many styles are included with JOSM by default.

There are base styles (e.g. JOSM standard or Potlatch 2) that cover a wide range of features each. They can be combined with add-on styles that cover more special topics. See the available styles list below.

Further customization is possible via style options or by creating your own style.

Choose styles

JOSM has three lists of map styles: available styles (all styles from the style repository) → active styles (your favourites) → ☑ chosen styles (actually used for the map painting).

JOSM comes with some styles being in the "active styles" list by default. You can choose styles from this list of "active styles" to be actually used for the map painting by clicking the check box (☑) at the desired style's line

Note that, unless you are working with add-on styles, likely you want to have only one style ☑ checked at a time.

Activating more styles

How to add a map paint style


  1. open the Map Paint Styles Preferences by either
    • clicking the source:trunk/images/dialogs/mappaintpreference.png Settings button in the map style dialog (shown in the animation) or
    • via "View" menu → "Map paint styles" → "Map paint preferences" or
    • (less comfortable) via the general preferences window (Menu EditPreferencessource:trunk/images/preferences/map.png Map Settings (3rd button on the left) → Map Paint Styles (2nd tab))
  2. select a style in the list of "available styles" (left side)
  3. activate it by clicking the source:trunk/images/preferences/activate-right.png blue right arrow button (in the centre)
  4. exit and confirm by clicking the OK button

Example: Let's assume that you want to add maxspeed=* tags to OSM, then you probably will make use of the style Maxspeed (which displays the value of maxspeed on roads with different colors). The screencast/animation on the right side (click to enlarge) shows how to add this style to your list of "active styles".

Adding own styles

You can add own styles (from any URL/file) to the list of active styles – for example a style file which you have created yourself. Just click the source:trunk/images/dialogs/add.png plus sign on the right and enter either path and filename or URL of your style file.

Available styles list

short descriptionauthordescriptionversion
cellid Kolesár András style displaying OpenCellID measurements More details
Direction for traffic signs Michael Maier (species@osm) very simple preset to show the “direction” tag of a highway=stop,give_way,traffic_signals More details 0.1.7
OpenRailwayMap Electrification layer Dakon Style for a electrification layer railroad network map. More details 0
FreieTonne FreieTonne Style for FreieTonne-Seamarks More details 20160428075116
icon Indoor Ubica2 Project Team This JOSM style displays useful information to help indoor map edition. It highlights rooms, corridors, stairs and elevators. In addition, some kind of nodes which are important inside a building will be represented also More details 0.5
Osmic nebulon42 Osmic icons for JOSM More details 0.1
Hide nodes Felis Pimeja Simple style to hide nodes in JOSM (may be handy to observe objects on low levels) 1
icon HDM HOT (Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team) Humanitarian Data Model focused style. More details 0.0.2
icon INT 1 Rendering (IHO standarized symbols) PD Aun (Skippern) Johnsen JOSM rendering of nautical symbols according to IHO standard INT-1 0.2
icon OpenSeaMap: Seamarks according to INT 1 (IHO standarized symbols) Aun (Skippern) Johnsen, Axel Utech JOSM rendering of nautical symbols according to IHO standard INT-1 0.1
OpenRailwayMap additional icons and symbols for editing Nakaner Style for a assisting mapping of railway information in JOSM. Not suitable for map rendering. More details 0
Mapnik (true) MapCSS variant of the OSM Mapnik style (as close as possible to the original). It is not very suitable for real mapping in an editor because nodes and lines without a style are hidden and opaque areas may cover each other. This file is optimized for JOSM and may need some minor changes to work properly with other MapCSS implementations. 0.1
OpenRailwayMap maxspeed layer rurseekatze Style for a maxspeed layer of the railroad network. More details 0
measurements Kolesár András style displaying OpenCellID measurements More details
icon NaPTAN bus stops Vclaw Highlight bus stops (and taxi ranks) from Naptan import (UK), and whether they have been verified 0.1_2011-05-16
icon Wheelchair Routing Attributes Michael Maier (species@osm) A Style for highlighting wheelchair-relevant Tags 1.0.20
signal-size Kolesár András style displaying OpenCellID measurements More details
OpenRailwayMap signalling layer rurseekatze Style for a signalling layer railroad network map. More details 0
OpenRailwayMap infrastructure standard layer rurseekatze Style for a infrastructure standard layer railroad network map. More details 0
Address Tags Validator Antisida, CupIvan, Felis Pimeja, Zverik Coloring of buildings with or without addr:street, addr:housenumber (deprecated, use 'Coloured streets style' instead.) 1.17_2016-02-19
Advertising style, to have icons for various types of advertising devices Barnes38 Icons for advertising=billboard, advertising=column, advertising=poster_box, advertising=totem, advertising=board More details draft.17_2016-07-17
icon BAR Damage Assessment jgc Displays colored and shaped icons, to show tagging of visible structural strength and damage scale of buildings, according to HHI BAR damage assessment methodology, adapted for OSM More details 0.4_2016-03-15
BesideTheRoad_Speed kudrdima Visualization of traffic signs, road characteristics, some of the road infrastructure, traffic restrictions and prohibitions More details 0.7_2011-09-28
Coloured geozeisig Style to classify buildings (german) More details 1.012_2014-04-01
Coloured Postcode geozeisig Style to ease mapping of Postcode by colouring streets and houses and nodes More details 2.16_2015-02-10
icon Coloured Streets geozeisig, Klumbumbus Colouring of buildings, address nodes and streets with the same street name in the same colour. Makes working with addresses a lot easier. Check out the linked page to read how to change some settings of this mappaint style. More details 3.47.108_2016-04-09
Coloured Suburb geozeisig Coloring of buildings with addr:suburb depending on a CRC algorithm More details 2.12_2015-05-02
Conscriptionnumbers/streetnumbers jose1711 Displays addresses using Czech/Slovak address system More details 0.2.2_2014-12-19
Cycleways cmuelle8 Standalone style to visualize cycleway=* and bicycle=* of objects, fade everything else. Please turn off JOSM internal style to use it. More details 1.6_2014-06-13
destination_sign Relation Highlight relation roles from, sign and to 1.6_2016-01-12
icon FIXME Highlight Warnings pierzen This MapCSS style highlights ways/Polygons that contain Fixme attribute and unnamed highways. This style may be used alone or combined with other styles such as Potlatch2 and Mapnik (Tested in JOSM only). 0.10_2015-06-22
icon Fixme and notes markers LLlypuk82, Antisida This MapCSS style highlights nodes/ways/polygons/multipolygons that contain FIXME/fixme/note and combinations of this tags. This style may be used alone or combined with other styles(Tested in JOSM only). 0.2_2015-12-15
EPCI (France) Don-vip Display French local authorities (known as EPCI) More details 2.0.5_2016-01-03
Paddenstoel guidepost vsandre Show a special icon for a paddenstoel guidepost. More details 1.5_2011-05-20
icon HiDPI Support Klumbumbus Allows to scale the nodes size and the font size of the default JOSM mappaint style. More details 1.8_2016-05-16
Highway Nodes naoliv Highlights untagged and unconnected nodes in a way More details 1.3_2014-01-16
Boundary_Stone ajoessen,lutz Visualization of some historic=* tags 0.6_2012-07-06
HU-HighlightHikingTrailSigns efemm Highlight hiking trails icons, optimized for Hungarian marking. More details 1.1_2014-08-01_9
icon Incline Klumbumbus Display of up/down arrows at the first and last node of ways with incline=*. More details 1.0.3_2016-06-27
Japan Impassable Ways cmuelle8 Dash out ways tagged with barriers, visualize practicability=* More details 1.5_2011-03-22
icon Japan Tsunami POIS PierZen POIS related to Tsunami plus Surface / Roads with damages, obstacles More details 1.22_2016-01-11
Kapor2 parcels jose1711 Color coding of parcels obtained via Kapor2 plugin (export function) 0.1
Landcover tags Martin Vonwald Show landcover and some additional landuse tags 0.4.13_2016-03-26
icon Lane and road attributes Martin Vonwald Visualization of lanes, width, turn lanes, changing the lane, destination, lighting and street lamps, sidewalk, cycletracks, bicycle lanes, bus lanes, psv lanes. More details 2.10-61_2015-06-02
Lane details, right-hand traffic, arrow version Wolfgang Hinsch Shown tags:: lanes, turn lanes, bus lanes, changing the lane, cycleways, sidepaths and lightning 0.11_2014-06-29
Lane details, right-hand traffic, color version Wolfgang Hinsch Shown tags:: lanes, turn lanes, bus lanes, changing the lane, cycleways, sidepaths and lightning 0.5_2014-07-02
icon Layer checker Klumbumbus Display of layer values in JOSM map display. More details 1.1.11_2015-12-28
icon JOSM default (XML; old version, outdated) Old version of JOSM default style XML: 1.9_2015-02-16
Less obtrusive nodes xeen Make nodes smaller when zoomed out. This makes navigating easier when viewing a large area. Also hides icons and text accordingly. More details 1.8_2014-08-26
light_source Manuel Hohmann Icons for light_source=*. 0.1
Lit cmuelle8 Show lit=yes/no settings in JOSM map display More details 2.0.5_2016-01-03
icon Lit Objects achadwick Supplementary stylesheet which highlights lit and unlit objects by surrounding them with large glows. Works well with the Potlatch 2 base style. 0.3_2015-06-02
icon Maxspeed Rubke, Dirk Stöcker, Vclaw, Klumbumbus Display maxspeed values of ways in the map view. More details 2.7.35_2016-03-04
Speedlimit Signs Martin Koppenhoefer Display maxspeed on nodes by Speedlimit signs. 3.11_2016-01-23
Modified objects Sebastian Klein Highlight modified objects 0.1.6_2011-02-24
Mountains lzhl Indication mountain terrain tags 0.5_2013-12-07
MTB Heiko Woehrle visualize mtb:scale of objects More details 0.12_9_2014-10-06
icon New highway colors Evgeny Katyshev Make highways color like at standart OSM render [ More details] 1.0.1_2015-12-17
new parking features Mario Schütze Display the new parking features from "Proposed_features/parking" (see link). More details 1.2_2012-02-05
NoFeature Pierre Béland (PierZen) No Feature Validation focused style. This style hides the visible and make visible objects hidden in the database with no valid Main tag to facilitate identification of these Features (ie, highway, building, landuse, natural, amenity, shop,etc). This first version is a proof of concept. Comments welcomed. 0.0.11
Streets Have No Name Yann Coupin Could be a U2 song: highlights where the streets have no name 0.3_2012-10-19
Numbered Cycle Node Networks Polyglot Highlight Numbered nodes and the routes in between them More details 1.6_2012-11-04
Numbered Walking Node Networks Marc Gemis Highlight numbered nodes and the routes in between them More details 1.3_2012-11-08
OSMC Hiking Martin Ždila <martin.zdila@…> Colorize marked hiking trails using OSMC tagging schema. 0.2.3_2013-11-03
OSMC Hiking (optimized for SK/CZ/PL) Martin Ždila <martin.zdila@…> Colorize marked hiking trails using OSMC tagging schema. Optimized for SK/CZ/PL marking. 0.2.2_2013-11-03
Parking lanes Sebastian Klemm, Kay Drangmeister Parking lanes along roads and parking/stopping restrictions. More details 0.10_2014-11-12
Collapsed/damaged buildings Hjart Style to classify buildings More details 0.4_2013-11-17 ToDos simon04 Highlight problematic objects from import More details 1.4_2011-05-03
potlach2 access iav Visualizes access tag on highways. Made only for Potlach2 JOSM style 0.2_2012-11-30
Power Cobra A more detailed style for various power facilities and features 0.3.3_2014-04-01
Power Mapping Additions SSherpa+prabhasp Special icons for facilitating mapping of power lines; in development. More details 0.1_2013-04-22
icon Priority Road Klumbumbus Displays priority_road=* coloured. More details 1.1.5_2016-04-04
PTStops FiliusMartii Highlight important information regarding Public Transportation according to public transport version 2 More details 1.0.4_2016-01-19
Public Transport Polyglot Highlight important information regarding Public Transport More details 1.2_2015-01-09
icon sac_scale Klumbumbus Displays sac_scale=* coloured. More details 1.013_2015-12-28
Schools Polyglot Highlight important information for importing schools and validation More details 1.0_2016-01-22
icon ShowID Klumbumbus This style is for a layer with the .osm file from Keypad-Mapper 3. It shows the (positive) IDs of the housenumbers. So you can see the sequence of the nodes, how you recorded them. For more information how to use this style see the link. More details 1.0.013_2015-06-02
Sidewalks Cobra Visualizes the sidewalk attribute of highways. sidewalk=* is rendered as a thick dashed line, seperately mapped sidewalks tagged footway=sidewalk are rendered thicker. More details 0.4_2014-05-31
Simple building tags heilbron Visualize the presence of some basic simple 3D building tags (wall colour, number of building and roof levels) More details 1.12_2014-10-01
Simple roof tags heilbron Visualize the presence of some simple roof tags (shape & colour) More details 1.9_2014-03-21
Colorize bicycle routes Martin Ždila <martin.zdila@…> Colorize bicycle routes tagged with tag colour. 0.2.4_2013-11-03
Surface - Data Entry AndrewBuck This styling is intended for data entry of road surface tags from aerial imagery. The style not only shows the status and value of the surface tag, but also refrains from drawing directly on the road allowing a clear view of the road surface in the imagery to allow for easier editing/checking of the surface values. More details 1.0.8_2014-06-13
Surface cmuelle8 Visualize surface=* of objects More details 1.24_2014-10-23
Traffic Signs yopaseopor Display all the signs included in OSM database. Specially recommended with roadsigns plugin. More details 3.2016-05-28
Tree-Crown_Diameter AndrewBuck This style shows which trees have a tree crown diameter entered on them and if so, attempts to show the trees relative to their size. More details 1.0.3_2014-10-23
Whitewater pankdm Visualization of some whitewater=* tags 0.4_2011-09-10
Irish Boundaries IrlJidel MapCSS to highlight Irish townland, electoral district, civil parish and barony boundaries 0.8

Create your own style

You don't like the standard style? Change it to your own liking:

  • In the map paint style dialog, right click one of the styles and select source:/trunk/images/copy.png"save as...". A copy will be added to the list of styles. You can open the file in a text editor and reload after doing some changes.
  • Or create a style from scratch and add it in the JOSM mappaint preferences.

JOSM supports styles in the MapCSS format. It is a style language similar to CSS originally developed for Potlatch 2.

Make your style available to other users

  • Either create a wiki page similar to Styles/Modified.
    • don't forget to enclose your mappaint code by a code block (#!style type="mapcss" needs to be on a new line after {{{):
      • {{{
      • #!style type="mapcss"
      • ...
      • }}}
    • for automatic version adjustment you should use two internal variables:
      • [[revision]] - is the latest version number of the wiki page
      • [[date]] - is the date of the last edit
      • e.g. "1.[[revision]]_[[date]]" converts to e.g. 1.13_2014-02-24
    • Note: Spam filter prohibits adding many external (icon) links. Please, if possible, attach icons to the wiki page (see below). …
  • or edit the page StylesSource and add URLs for new style files to the list at the top.
    • Note: Only URLs with file-extension (e.g. *.mapcss, *.zip, *.php) are supported.

In both cases, the new style will be automatically listed in the table above after a few minutes. Then it will also be available in the JOSM mappaint preferences (after clicking the reload button).


.png and .svg files are supported.

Icon handling

There are different forms to handle icons:

  • Icons distributed with JOSM can be entered directly with the path (relative to JOSM's internal image directory).
  • Use a path relative to your local style file.
  • New icons can be directly referenced using a http-link. These are downloaded and cached internally.
  • Since JOSM revision 2289 zip files are supported.
    • The zip file must contain at least one file with extension mapcss.
    • Icon names and path are relative to the topmost zip directory.
    • If there are multiple files, a file with "style" in the name is preferred (to allow packaging styles and presets in one archive).
  • Since JOSM revision 4713 inline encoding as described in RFC 2397 is supported.
    • Example for PNG: data:image/png;base64,...databytes...
    • Example for SVG: data:image/svg+xml;base64,...databytes...
    • More information about data:image/... in JOSM.
  • When the JOSM wiki is used for designing of new styles you have some additional options:
    • Each file attached to the wiki page is automatically included in the zip file downloaded by JOSM.
    • If you don't want a file in the zip file, add the text (NOZIP) in the description of the attachment.
    • If you add a zip file and want its contents included, you may add (EXTRACT) in the description of the attachment.

Updating styles in JOSM

Once a style was updated in the Wiki it takes up to 10 days until the style gets updated in JOSM automatically. To immediately force an update you can do the following steps:

  • Open the Preferences
  • Make sure Expert Mode is enabled
  • Open the Advanced Preferences
  • Search for keys starting with: mirror.
  • Select the style you want to update
  • Click on Reset at the bottom of the window
  • Click on OK to save the changes (and to close the preference window)
  • Restart JOSM

To check the version of the style in JOSM do the following steps

  • Open the Map Paint Styles Dialog
  • Right click on a style
  • Choose Info
  • Click on Source Tab
  • Search for version: at the beginning of the source code

Styles managed in JOSM wiki


Mappaint renders the map data so it looks much more like a map (colors, icons, annotations, ...) - compared to the JOSM wireframe mode.


Most nodes that correspond to tags in the Map Features page will show an appropriate icon, e.g. a white "P" on blue ground for amenity=parking.

There are some special icons for missing/incomplete things:

no icon missing icon
We don't have the right icon for every node tag in map features yet, e.g. icons for most natural=* tags are still missing. If you encounter such a "missing icon", feel free to create a nice 16*16 pixel icon that matches the tag. To submit your work, open a new ticket and add your image or zip archive as attachment.

deprecated icon warning icon
The corresponding tag was once used but is no longer recommended to be used - or - it is not suitable for a node, e.g. highway=motorway just doesn't make sense on a node. Probably not all deprecated tags will show this icon.


Most ways that correspond to tags in the map features page will get special color, thickness and line style (e.g. dashed lines for railways).


Areas are ways that form a sort of ring. Most areas that corresponds to tags in the map features page will be filled with a special color (the filling will be transparent to some degree).

Advanced Preferences

Some styles may have options. They are available via a right click (context menu) on the style's entry inside the map paint style dialog window. E.g. JOSM's current default map style (MapCSS) has the option to display nodes at low zoom levels "less obtrusive" (enabled by default).

In addition, you can use the following hidden preferences:

  • mappaint.fillalpha
    • alpha "opacity level", that is used to fill areas. An integer value between 0 (transparent) and 255 (solid) with the default of 50.
  • mappaint.fillareas (show areas)
    • 10000000 (default) - areas will be filled with their corresponding colour and name will be rendered
    • 0 - areas will be surrounded by lines only and name will not be rendered
    • any other number - areas will be filled with their corresponding colour and name will be rendered at any zoom level below the given number in meters
  • mappaint.showicons
    • select whether icons are shown - same values as mappaint.fillareas
  • mappaint.shownames
    • select whether names are shown - same values as mappaint.fillareas
  • mappaint.strokes
    • select whether strokes or full lines are used - same values as mappaint.fillareas
  • mappaint.useRealWidth
    • true - ways will change width corresponding to the real width in meters set in the elemstyle.xml file
    • false (default) - ways will have the same width on every zoom level
  • mappaint.zoomLevelDisplay
    • true - elements visibility depends on zoom level
    • false (default) - all elements are displayed
  • mappaint.fontsize
    • size of mappaint texts (default=8)

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