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Preferences > Tagging Presets


If you want to learn how presets can also be added to the toolbar see - Toolbar Customization
If you want to use presets or need complete reference of presets see Presets

Presets allow you to select predefined tags for objects. From this area of the preferences menu you can choose which presets to use and set some preferences:


Run data validator on user input
(default: disabled)
Advance preference: taggingpreset.validator

source:trunk/resources/images/dialogs/validator.svg Validator is run in background and in case of issues, a warning icon source:trunk/resources/images/warning-small.svg is displayed on top with the validator message as tooltip.

Sort presets menu alphabetically
(default: enabled)
Advance preference: taggingpreset.sortvalues

Whether the preset menu should be sorted alphabetically or the original order be kept


The preset list will be downloaded automatically, then you have two options:

Activate preset(s) from available presets

Use source:trunk/resources/images/preferences/activate-right.svg the blue, right arrow in the middle.
Items on the right will appear in Presets menu.

Add a preset from the file

Include one from a URL or local file (or network-located file or file in a Dropbox alternative) by clicking on the source:trunk/resources/images/dialogs/add.svg plus button on the right.

Advanced Preferences

Property Default Explanation
taggingpreset.dialog.only-applicable-to-selection true true
taggingpreset.display-keys-as-hint true
taggingpreset.fill-default-for-tagged-primitives false Whether defaults should always be added or only for untagged objects, see #12733.
taggingpreset.min-elements-for-scroller 15

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