If you want to learn installation steps for presets, see "Tagging Presets" tab in Preferences > Map Settings
If you want to use presets or need complete reference of presets see Presets
If you want to extend presets with your own see - TaggingPresets

Preferences > Toolbar Customization

At this preferences tab, you can add, remove and change the order of items on the Main Toolbar.

On the left are currently selected menus/buttons/items; on the right there are all available menus/buttons/items.

Arrow buttons can be used to order items in the left list.

Use cases

When to add items to the toolbar

  • Not detailed objects in area of your interest (active project or just current task)
  • Every preset you plan to use in future

When to remove items from the toolbar

  • Presets that will never be encountered in areas you would like to edit
  • Presets that will be never used because every object was entered and precisely tagged

Adding preset group as button

  1. entire sub-tree selected 2. and added 3. to the Toolbar

Result will look like ordinary button when not activated

All options would be provided using sub menu:

Adding one or multiple buttons from preset group

  1. select preset item(s)
    • one preset item selected (instead of sub-tree in example above)
    • multiple preset items can be selected using Ctrl
  2. and added
  3. to the toolbar

Result would be ordinary preset buttons, without sub menu.

Previously saved search results

With the search window you can create a search button. When you select such a button in the toolbar preferences tab you get three additional lines at the bottom (see screenshoot below). There you can modify the tooltip, the icon and the search expression.

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