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Search objects in the current data layer

Some examples of queries:

  • type:way selects all ways
  • name:Herrengasse selects all elements with the given name
  • type:way name:- selects all ways that do not have a name
  • id:123465678 selects an object (way or node) with a particular id
  • timestamp:2010-11-01/2010-12-01 selects object with last change in November 2010

There is also a very under-used and under-documented feature that lets you enter a web URL (file://, http://, https://, ftp://) in the search field. JOSM will then attempt to load that URL, and select any objects that it finds referenced in that file. JOSM will look for XML tags "way", "node", and "relation" in the document, and use their id attribute. This means you can access another OSM file on your hard disk this way and have JOSM select all objects that are present in the file (provided they are present in JOSM's dataset too).

The special expressions selected and modified select all currently selected resp. all objects modified in the current session.

More examples are here

Expert Mode

Some examples are only shown in expert mode.

Regular Expressions

JOSM supports Java Regex. For detailed Information see

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