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source:trunk/images/preferences/remotecontrol.png Settings for the remote control feature

Remote Control allows JOSM to be controlled from other applications, e.g. from a web browser, by opening a listening TCP port (8111) on localhost where it accepts commands.
Since JOSM version 6941 it is also listening for HTTPS on port 8112.
Note: Due to security reasons the Remote Control is disabled in the default settings and has to be enabled manually.

If you access the a website via HTTPS and use the Remote Control it will also use HTTPS to control your JOSM. If it does not work, note that your browser, security addons/plugins and firewalls may block this access (you may be able to whitelist/allow it inside these tools) – check your logs. In addition you may need to tell your browser to accept the self-signed JOSM HTTPS certificate. More details on some of these issues: How do I enable the "remote control" in JOSM? (on the OSM help site).

See the list of Remote control commands.

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