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This section allows to configure keyboard shortcuts in JOSM.

Please note that shortcut keys are assigned to the actions when JOSM is started. So you need to restart JOSM to see your changes.

Furthermore, the shortcuts are activated when the actions are assigned to a menu entry or a button for the first time it is used in the current session. So some of your changes may become active even without restart. But without a restart there is no collision handling for your changes. This is another reason to restart JOSM after making any changes here.

Basic usage

  • Open "Keyboard shortcuts"
  • find an item or optionally type words to filter it
  • Uncheck "Use default"
  • Adjust modifiers (if you need them at all)
  • Find correct button in "Key" (some items here may not be found at your keyboard e.g. F13-F24)

Shortcuts power tips

  • Avoid shortcuts that force you to move hands from their "home position" (Delete, Insert, Backspace, numeric keyboard and possibly arrows)
  • In fact, you don't need many of default shortcuts
  • If you never use some tool near your "home position", it is better to rebind it to a more frequent tool
  • There many strategies about "home positions": single hand and two hand editing - so layout may differ significantly whatever you using mouse+keyboard or only keyboard (to edit tags / review history or notes)
  • You can have multiple configs per every task you make and simply switch between them

Additional details

You may notice that the key selection list on the next page lists all keys that exist on all kinds of keyboards Java knows about, not just those keys that exist on your keyboard. Please only use values that correspond to a real key on your keyboard. If your keyboard has no <Copy> key (PC keyboard do not have them, Sun keyboards do), then do not use it. Also there are 'keys' listed that correspond to a shortcut on your keyboard (e.g. <:>/Colon). Please do not use them either, use the base key (<;>/Semicolon on US keyboards, <.>/Period on German keyboards, etc.) instead. Not doing so may result in conflicts, as there is no way for JOSM to know that <Ctrl>+<Shift>+<;> and <Ctrl>+<:> actually is the same thing on an US keyboard.

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