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The Advanced Peferences register shows all raw settings and allows to manipulate them. It is visible in expert access mode only.

Most settings can easily and safely be modified via the other registers of this dialog box. Normally you should not need to use this register. Do so with caution. Invalid settings can cause errors and/or loss of data. You may be instructed to edit here in order to access experimental features. See more about user settings in the Preferences Overwiew.

Use the Search field to quickly access values and keys grouped by namespace.

List colors

  1. Bold on yellow - value has changed at least once.
  2. Bold on green - value was changed in this dialog.
  3. Normal on green - value was reset to default in this dialog.

After a restart of JOSM all preference settings which are equal to their default values loose any list colors.


To add keys with simple values and with a XML structure.
To edit one marked key/value pair.
Sets all marked key/value pairs to their default value.
Read from file
Imports a JOSM custom configuration XML file. That can contain preferences modifications, commands to download some files or plugins and even JavaScript code.
After a file import is complete, you can see a detailed log and the changed preferences will be represented. You can reject these changes by pressing Cancel button. Caution: You can not undo reject file or plugin operations (download, delete, etc.), so be careful and do not open scripts from untrusted sources!
Export selected items
Generates a custom configuration XML file automatically. When reading this file, the key-value pairs will replace existing ones or be appended to them (in case of properties containing lists or maps). You can use it together with the Search field to find all preferences you need to backup or share.
launches a popup menu with additional actions:
  • Save ... profile - saves part of preferences related to shortcuts, colors, toolbar and imagery to a separate custom configuration XML files.
  • Load profile - replace existing part of preferences with previously saved fragment (for example, reset all shortcuts to default and then load them from file). User should press OK to confirm changes.
  • Reset preferences - reset all preferences by deleting the preferences.xml file. See Reset preferences also.


The table below contains settings not accessible in the other tabs of the Preferences dialog (incomplete list):

Key Values Default Description
$panel.buttonhiding DYNAMIC, ALWAYS_HIDDEN or ALWAYS_SHOWN DYNAMIC See JOSM interface customization
$panel.minimized true or false false See JOSM interface customization
$panel.docked true or false true if a window is in the side pane or floating
$panel.lastHeight integer mixed is used to store the last used height of a panel
$panel.preferredHeight integer mixed can be used to overwrite the hard coded preferred height of a panel
$widget.always-visible; true or false true if TAB toggles this screen widget
draw.anglesnap.* and probably keys starting with color.draw.angle.snap mixed mixed should be explained at Draw
edit.initial-move-threshold pixels See Select
edit.initial-move-delay ms See Select
message.movedManyElements true or false unset Decision of "do not ask again" message after moving many objects.
draw.fullscreen true or false false See Fullscreen view
See Zoom to previous
relation.editor.presets.visible true or false true If set to true, displays the list of presets matching the current tags in the relation editor.
properties.presets.visible true or false true See Tags/Membership panel true or false true See Tags/Membership panel
url.openstreetmap-wiki See Tags/Membership panel
selectaction.cycles.multiple.matches true or false false See Help/Action/Select#Selectsingle
osm.notes.daysClosed -1, 0 or positive integer 7 See Notes panel
osm.notes.downloadLimit from ... to 10000 1000 See Notes panel
See StatusBar
statusbar.distance-threshold See StatusBar
simplify-way.max-error integer, meters 3 See Simplify Way
message.way.split.segment-selection-dialog true or false false See Split Way
mappaint.wireframe.use-antialiasing true or false false See Wireframe view
merge-nodes.mode 0 or 1 or 2 0 See Merge Nodes
upload.comment.max-age integer 4*3600*1000 See Changeset true or false true displays the "I want someone to review my edits." check box in the upload dialog true or false true displays the "Automatically obtain source from current layers" check box in the upload dialog
mappaint.fillalpha, mappaint.showicons and couple others See Styles
$dialogname.GUI.geometry; Size and position of dialog boxes sets another external browser than the default browser to open external links on windows os (use the browser executable)
browser.unix ["xdg-open", "#DESKTOP#", "$BROWSER", "gnome-open", "kfmclient openURL", "firefox"] sets another external browser than the default browser to open external links on unix os
osm-primitives.showid true or false false displays the objects id beside the object in lists
osm-primitives.showversion true or false false displays the objects version beside the object in lists
propertiesdialog.autoresizeTagsTable true or false false Enables automatic column width of the tags table to fit content, see #14666
zoom.scale-follow-native-resolution-at-load true or false true true means "Scale follows native resolution of layer" is enabled when layer is created
properties.autocomplete-keys true or false true true means autocomplete keys by default in the add tag dialog
properties.autocomplete-values true or false true true means autocomplete values by default in the add tag dialog
imagery.generic.popupmenu true or false true false disables the imagery context menu in the mapview

$dialogname is short for a dialog name
$panel is short for changesetdialog, commandstack, conflict, filter, layerlist, mapstyle, notes/note_open, propertiesdialog, relationlist, selectionlist, userlist or validator
$widget is short for menu, sidetoolbar, statusbar or toolbar


The list of preferences is build like this:

  • Not all possible available keys are listed at the beginning.
  • Whenever JOSM internally requests a particular setting, it remembers and lists the key and the default value.
  • A setting is only saved in the preference file if the value is different from the default.
  • However, if you already know the key, you can still set it explicitly.

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