The autosave feature stores the osm data and Notes layers with modified data in regular interval in order to recover work in case of a crash.

Recover the changes

  • Restarting JOSM will offer to open the auto-saved files.
  • Backup files can be found in the JOSM preferences folder (subfolder autosave), where they are stored.

Prompt after JOSM start

On startup, user will be asked to restore or discard latest snapshot from autosave.

  • If discard is chosen, there is no chance to recover work again.


How does it know that JOSM crashed?

  • It keeps backups which are deleted, whenever a data layer is closed gracefully.
    • If backup files are found on start up, JOSM will assume that it crashed.


The preferences are described in source:trunk/resources/images/preferences/backup.svg File backup under source:trunk/resources/images/preference.svg Preferences

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