The sidebar can host several panels on the right hand side of the interface.

To activate a panel

Panel pinning

  • To pin a separated panel: Click the ordinary close button
  • To unpin a panel: press pin icon

Header buttons for each panel when it's pinned

  • The source:trunk/resources/images/misc/normal.svg black, down-headed arrow head rolls the panel up and the source:trunk/resources/images/misc/minimized.svg black, right-headed arrow head respectively rolls it out.
  • The source:trunk/resources/images/misc/buttonshow.png eye symbol switches dynamic buttons on and off.
  • The source:trunk/resources/images/misc/sticky.png pin icon unpins the panel (e.g. opens it in a separate window). Note: non-standard icons will disappear in this mode
  • The source:trunk/resources/images/misc/close.svg cross closes the panel.


Panels are listed at the Windows menu page.

OS specific window management for unpinned panels

Microsoft Windows



Ubuntu 16.04 LTS


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