To activate a window

  • click on its icon in lower part of the Edit Toolbar on the left side of the screen
  • click on its menu item under "Windows" in the main menu
  • by searching its name (in Ctrl+Spacebar menu)
  • by its keyboard shortcut (see table below)

Window pinning

  • To pin a separated window: Click the ordinary close button
  • To unpin a window: press pin icon (see section below), they act as native in your system. There several ways to control them inside your system, but there even more alternatives (will be covered below).

Header buttons for each window when it's pinned

  • The source:trunk/images/svpDown.svg black, downheaded arrow head rolls the window up and the source:trunk/images/svpRight.svg black, rightheaded arrow head respectively rolls it out.
  • The source:trunk/images/misc/buttonshow.png eye symbol switches dynamic buttons on and off.
  • The source:trunk/images/misc/sticky.png pin icon unpins the window (e.g. opens it in a separate window). Note: non-standard icons will disappear in this mode
  • The source:trunk/images/misc/close.png cross closes the window.


There might be more buttons depending on the loaded plugins.

Icon Name Shortcut Description
source:trunk/images/dialogs/changeset/changesetmanager.svgChangeset ManagerCtrl+Alt+CExtended manager for changesets (main menu "windows" only)
source:trunk/images/dialogs/layerlist.pngLayersAlt+Shift+LList of all open layers. Note that it contains different menus for the different layer types.
source:trunk/images/dialogs/propertiesdialog.svgTags/MembershipsAlt+Shift+PTags and memberships of selected objects.
source:trunk/images/dialogs/selectionlist.pngSelectionAlt+Shift+CSelection window.
source:trunk/images/dialogs/relationlist.pngRelationsAlt+Shift+RList of all relations.
source:trunk/images/dialogs/minimap.pngMini Map Displays a minimap for better overview of the currently displayed area in the Map View.
source:trunk/images/dialogs/commandstack.pngCommand StackAlt+Shift+OList of all commands (undo buffer)
source:trunk/images/dialogs/userlist.pngAuthorsAlt+Shift+AList of Authors of selected objects
source:trunk/images/dialogs/conflict.pngConflictsAlt+Shift+CList of unsolved conflicts.
source:trunk/images/dialogs/validator.pngValidatorAlt+Shift+VValidator window
source:trunk/images/dialogs/filter.pngFilterAlt+Shift+FFilter objects and disable (or optionally hide) them.
source:trunk/images/dialogs/changesetdialog.svgChangeset List Changeset List (expert mode only)
source:trunk/images/dialogs/mapstyle.svgMap StyleAlt+Shift+MConfigure the map painting style.
source:/trunk/images/dialogs/notes/note_open.pngNotes List of OSM notes
source:/trunk/images/dialogs/geoimage.svgGeotagged ImagesY
source:trunk/images/audio-fwd.svgCustomize toolbar Show/hide icons




Managing unpinned windows

Please refer to external sites/Google search results for most up to date info.

Microsoft Windows



Ubuntu 16.04 LTS


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