The Edit Toolbar

The edit toolbar is placed at the left side of the JOSM Window and is splitted into two parts.

  • The upper part allows to choose different working modes. There is always exactly one mode active.
  • The lower part allows to enable/disable the windows on the right side. More information about these windows see ToggleDialogs.

Working modes

Click on a button or use the shortcut to activate its working mode.

Icon Name Shortcut Description Expert mode required?
source:trunk/images/mapmode/move/move.png Select S to toggle from source:trunk/images/mapmode/rope.png lasso tool Move, rotate, scale and select objects no
source:trunk/images/mapmode/rope.png Lasso S to toggle from source:trunk/images/mapmode/move/move.png "Select mode" select objects within a handdraw region no
source:trunk/images/mapmode/node/autonode.png Draw A Draw nodes and ways. Press A again to enable/disable the Angle snapping function no
source:trunk/images/mapmode/zoom.png Zoom Zoom with a rectangle yes
source:trunk/images/mapmode/delete.png Delete Ctrl+Delete Delete nodes or ways yes
source:trunk/images/mapmode/parallel.svg Parallel Shift+P Make parallel copy of ways yes
source:trunk/images/mapmode/extrude/extrude.png Extrude X Create areas by extrusion or move parts of areas yes
source:trunk/images/mapmode/improvewayaccuracy.png Improve Way Accuraccy W Optimized tool to improve geometry of ways no
source:trunk/images/audio-fwd.svg Customize toolbar Show/hide icons in the edit toolbar no

There might be more buttons depending on the installed plugins:

Icon Name Shortcut Description
/pluginicon/alignways.jar/images/alignways.png Align Ways mode Shift+N Make ways parallel
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/measurement/images/mapmode/measurement.png in OpenStreetMap Trac measurement mode Measure distances
/pluginicon/editgpx.jar/images/mapmode/editgpx_mode.png edit gpx tracks Delete trackpoints of gpx tracks
/pluginicon/contourmerge.jar/images/mapmode/contourmerge.png Contour Merge Merge and align the contours of areas. More infos at Contour Merge.
/pluginicon/photoadjust.jar/images/photoadjust.png Adjust photos Move photos to adjust their geolocation
/pluginicon/FastDraw.jar/images/favicon.png FastDrawing Shift+F Tracing forests, rivers, lakes, twisted roads etc. Without clicking A button or left mouse click too much. More infos at Fast drawing.
/pluginicon/buildings_tools.jar/images/mapmode/building.png Draw Buldings B Rectangular objects and/or basic shape of most man made objects. More infos at Draw building.


see ToggleDialogs

Context menu

When you right click on an button in the edit toolbar, you get the following options:

Text Description
Hide this button Hides this button. It can be restored at the source:trunk/images/audio-fwd.svg button.
Hide edit toolbar Hides the edit toolbar. It can be restored via the View menu.
Do not hide toolbar If checked, the edit toolbar will not disappear when pessing TAB.

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