Improve Way Accuracy

source:trunk/resources/images/mapmode/improvewayaccuracy.svg Keyboard shortcut: W (expert mode only) — is one of the working modes

This mode can add, move and delete nodes of the previously entered ways. This mode is used only to update existing data (ways).

The goal of the mode is to substitute dragging and dropping nodes with clicking to quicken the editing process. It is the most useful with natural objects that change its shape (a riverbank, burnt forest, flooded areas and so on) and some man made obejects that lack precise boundaries (landuse areas, highways as OSM ways). Consider other tools for man made objects (where accurate angles may be desired).


Activate this mode and select a way. To start working on a different way without leaving the mode, unselect the current way by pressing Esc and click on another way.

The mode automatically finds segments and nodes that are the closest to the cursor. Candidate for deletion/move/addition will be changed as many times as you move cursor.

The highlighted node can be locked (see Lock segment).

When you add or move nodes, they are not merged with existing nodes as it happens in the Select or Draw modes. You have to quit editing in Improve Way Accuracy mode and use merge nodes tool or alternatives.

Move existing nodes

Click in Main view where you think a node should be. The highlighted (nearest) node will be moved there.

Helper geometry: dashed red line - indicates a way after moved node

Create new nodes source:trunk/resources/images/cursor/modifier/addnode.svg (+Ctrl)

Hold Ctrl button and click - a new node will be added into highlighted segment.

Helper geometry: solid red line - indicates a way after new node

Remove nodes source:trunk/resources/images/cursor/modifier/delete.svg (+Alt)

Hold Alt button and click - the highlighted node will be deleted.

Please try to keep as much existing nodes as you can, because thus you keep their history.

You cannot delete nodes that are connected to more than one way or that have tags to prevent accidental breaking of topology or loss of information. Note that "uninteresting" tags are excluded, like FIXME, note, source, etc.

Lock segment

  • Lock moved node: source:trunk/resources/images/cursor/modifier/lock.svg + Shift - when moving a mouse, hold Shift or left mouse button and the highlighted node or segment will be kept the same no matter where you move the cursor.
  • Lock added node: source:trunk/resources/images/cursor/modifier/add_node_lock.svg + Ctrl Shift

See also

  • source:trunk/resources/images/dialogs/mappaint/wireframe_small.svg Ctrl+W Wireframe view - turns off any styles and makes lines very thin, it might be a good idea to toggle that view before improving ways accuracy
  • Shortcuts Alt key - if Alt doesn't work
  • ImproveWay plugin - extends the Improve Way Accuracy mode with helpers to place nodes at accurate distances and angles.

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