JOSM Main Toolbar

Some of the important default buttons:

Every button or menu item can be placed here

You can change the buttons in the main toolbar by right clicking on it and choosing "Configure toolbar". You can add all items from the Main Menu elements (Actions, Presets, Presetgroups, Separators,...) or any "button" from JOSM.

Add more presets to the main toolbar

Default buttons may contain popular items, but For one's benefit customize them once, see Toolbar Customization.

Save and load buttons


Saved search button

The Search button is a special button. It is customizable so you can set the tooltip, the icon and the search expression yourself. Each time you press the button, the specified search expression will be executed. Examples:

  • If you set amenity=bench as searchExpression all objects with the tag amenity=bench will be selected.
  • If you set -selected as searchExpression, the selection will invert each time you press the button.
  • More examples see Search

You can create such a button also from within the Search window.

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