Windows menu

The Windows menu handles other screen elements in JOSM. For the different kinds of elements the menu has three sections:

  1. For independent dialogs which can be opened from the Windows menu.
  2. For all Sidebar panels like Layers, Tags/Memberships, Selection, Relations or Changesets.
    • These panels can be opened with their icons from the Edit Toolbar too.
  3. For volatile non-modal elements if present, like Relation editors or the Help Browser window.

Note: With a keyboard shortcut the respective dialog or panel can always be opened, even when their menu item or toolbar button is not shown.

Core items

Icon Name Shortcut Description
source:trunk/resources/images/dialogs/changeset/changesetmanager.svg Changeset Manager Ctrl+Alt+C Extended manager for changesets (main menu "windows" only) (expert mode only)
source:trunk/resources/images/dialogs/layerlist.svg Layers Alt+Shift+L List of all open layers. Note that it contains different menus for the different layer types.
source:trunk/resources/images/dialogs/propertiesdialog.svg Tags/Memberships Alt+Shift+P Tags and memberships of selected objects.
source:trunk/resources/images/dialogs/selectionlist.svg Selection Alt+Shift+C Selection list.
source:trunk/resources/images/dialogs/relationlist.svg Relations Alt+Shift+R List of all relations.
source:trunk/resources/images/dialogs/conflict.svg Conflict Alt+Shift+C List of unsolved conflicts.
source:trunk/resources/images/dialogs/validator.svg Validator Results Alt+Shift+V Validator panel
source:trunk/resources/images/dialogs/filter.svg Filter Alt+Shift+F Filter objects and disable (or optionally hide) them.
source:trunk/resources/images/dialogs/mapstyle.svg Map Paint Styles Alt+Shift+M Configure the map painting style.
source:trunk/resources/images/dialogs/notes/note_open.svg Notes List of OSM notes
source:trunk/resources/images/dialogs/minimap.svg Mini Map Displays a minimap for better overview of the currently displayed area in the Map View.
source:trunk/resources/images/dialogs/commandstack.svg Command Stack Alt+Shift+O List of all commands (undo buffer)
source:trunk/resources/images/dialogs/userlist.svg Authors Alt+Shift+A List of authors of selected objects
source:trunk/resources/images/dialogs/changesetdialog.svg Changeset List Changeset list (expert mode only)
source:trunk/resources/images/dialogs/geoimage.svg Geotagged Images Y (only if photos are loaded; defaults to open as unpinned panel)

Note: Plugins can add more menu items.

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