Geotagged Images panel

source:trunk/resources/images/dialogs/geoimage.svg Keyboard shortcut: Y — one of the JOSM panels

This panel is a viewer for photos from a geoimage layer. It shows all photos from a source layer, whether geotagged or not.

Source Layer

To change the source layer for the images displayed use the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+J[0-9] or the context menu Jump to next marker from a Geoimage layer in the Layer List.

The source layer can get indirectly changed when an image is selected in the Map view and the current source layer is not the active layer. This may get confusing when navigating between several Geoimage layers.


The Geotagged Images window has several buttons which operate on the photo:

Icon Name Shortcut Description
source:trunk/resources/images/dialogs/first.svg First Home Shows the first image.
source:trunk/resources/images/dialogs/previous.svg Previous Page Up Shows the previous image.
source:trunk/resources/images/dialogs/next.svg Next Page Down Shows the next image.
source:trunk/resources/images/dialogs/last.svg Last End Shows the last images.
source:trunk/resources/images/dialogs/autoscale/selection.svg Center view Always scrolls the map to the location of the active image.
source:trunk/resources/images/dialogs/zoom-best-fit.svg Zoom best fit and 1:1 Toggles image zoom between best fit and 1:1. For further zooming use the mouse wheel and for dragging right click + mouse moving.
source:trunk/resources/images/dialogs/delete.svg Remove photo from layer Shift+Delete Removes the image from the layer.
source:trunk/resources/images/dialogs/geoimage/deletefromdisk.svg Delete image file from disk Ctrl+Shift+Del Deletes the image from the storage medium.
source:trunk/resources/images/copy.svg Copy image path Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C Copies the image path.

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