Selection window

source:/trunk/images/dialogs/selectionlist.png keyboard shortcut: Shift+Alt+T — one of the JOSM windows

This list shows the currently selected objects (nodes, ways, closed ways and relations).



Items in selection can be "selected" again (subselected)

  • Mouse click to subselect single object
  • Hold Ctrl
    • to subselect more than object
    • to remove subselection from objects

Single node Spielemax subselected in screen below


Context menu

  • "Zoom to selection" - zoom to all items in selection
  • "Zoom to selected elements" - zoom to subselection (#Subselection)

Items below apply only to relations


  • source:trunk/images/data/node.svgNodes are shown with their names (likewise their OSM-ID) and their position in brackets.
  • source:trunk/images/data/way.svg Ways and source:trunk/images/data/closedway.svg closed ways are shown with their names and if no name-tags exist with their main tag (eg highway, landuse, railway ...). If JOSM is not able to interpreted any tag the OSM-IDs are shown. The numbers of nodes the ways consist of are always shown in brackets.
  • source:trunk/images/data/relation.png Relations are shown with their type and in brackets the name and the number of members.

Control buttons


source:/trunk/images/dialogs/select.png Select selects the objects currently selected in the selection list.

Small triangle in Select button

Small triangle source:/trunk/images/svpDown.svg within the source:/trunk/images/dialogs/select.png you can restore previous selections from a drop down list:

Objects that were filtered out (by filters) will be displayed as "Unselectable now".

source:/trunk/images/dialogs/search.png Search feature: it allows a very sophisticated search.

Small triangle in Search button

Like Select the small triangle source:/trunk/images/svpDown.svg within the source:/trunk/images/dialogs/search.png Search button also offers a drop down search list of previous search.


source:/trunk/images/dialogs/history.png History opens the History Browser. For each selected object(s) a separate window will open.

Advanced Preferences

There are some advanced settings which can be changed in the advanced preference:

  • osm-primitives.showid: set to true/false to display/hide the osm id of the object in the list
  • osm-primitives.showcoor: set to true/false to display/hide the coordinates of the object in the list

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