source:trunk/resources/images/help/internet.svg Tag2Link is the name (of a former JOSM plugin) for extracting URLs from tags (in particular, reference tag external reference tags. For instance, this allows to open the website of an OSM object in the web browser.

Where to find it?

Tag2Link can be invoked from the context menu of following locations within JOSM:

Built-in rules

The following rules are built-in (OSM key → action):

  • name → Search on DuckDuckGo
  • website → URL
  • source → URL
  • url → URL
  • image → Wikimedia Commons
  • wikipedia → Wikipedia
  • wikidata → Wikidata
  • species → Wikispecies

Rules from Wikidata

Additional rules are loaded from Wikidata items which have OSM tag or key (P1282) and formatter URL (P1630) defined. Use the following URL to the Wikidata Query Service in order to inspect all Wikidata item taken into account:

Rules from OSM Sophox

Additional rules are loaded from OSM Wiki Wikibase based on formatter URL (P8), see this query on OSM Sophox Service.

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