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Various settings that influence the visual representation of the whole program.

Some settings are only displayed in expert mode.

Look and Feel
You can choose the overall theme, the default options are: Metal, Nimbus, CDE / Motif, GTK+, Windows, Windows Classic. Via the plugin FlatLaf more options are available including dark modes (since JOSM version 16974).
Advanced preference: laf

new screenshot

Show splash screen at startup
The splash screen shows the loading of the modules and plugins when JOSM starts up.
Advance preference: draw.splashscreen

When ready, JOSM shows an informative welcome page with current news. This Startup page cannot be suppressed.

Show user name in title
A name entered in the Connection Settings is displayed in the Title bar above the Main menu.
Advance preference:
Show object ID in selection lists
Additional to an objects name its unique id is shown in lists of objects.
Advance preference: osm-primitives.showid
Show object version in selection lists
Additionally the objects version number is shown in lists of objects like the Selection panel.
Advance preference: osm-primitives.showversion
Show node coordinates in selection lists
Additionally shows for nodes their coordinates.
Advance preference: osm-primitives.showcoor
Show localized name in selection lists
Show localized name in selection lists, if available. (Expert mode only)
Advance preference: osm-primitives.localize-name
Modeless working (Potlatch style)
Do not require to switch modes (potlatch style workflow). (Expert mode only)
This option modifies the click behavior when editing. It transits between modes in a more automatic way, similar to the online flash editor Potlatch.
Advance preference: modeless

new expert mode screenshot

Preview object properties on mouse hover
Show tags and relation memberships of objects in the properties dialog when hovering over them with the mouse pointer.
Advance preference: propertiesdialog.preview-on-hover
Prefer showing information for selected objects
Always show information for selected objects when something is selected instead of the hovered object.
Advance preference: propertiesdialog.preview-on-hover.always-show-selected
Dynamic buttons in side menus
Display buttons in right side menus only when mouse is inside the element.
Advance preference: dialog.dynamic.buttons
Display ISO dates
Format dates according to ISO 8601. Today's date will be displayed as YYYY-MM-DD instead of your local date format.
Advance preference: iso.dates
Remember dialog geometries
Memorises the dialog geometry.
Advance preference: gui.geometry.enabled
Use native file choosers (nicer, but do not support file filters)
Use file choosers that behave more like native ones. They look nicer but do not support some features like file filters.
Advance preference: use.native.file.dialog
Reverse zoom with mouse wheel
Check if you feel opposite direction more convenient.
Advance preference: zoom.reverse-wheel
Intermediate steps between native resolutions
Divide intervals between native resolution levels to smaller steps if they are much larger than zoom ratio. (Expert mode only)
Advance preference: zoom.intermediate-steps
Zoom steps to get double scale
Higher value means more steps needed, therefore zoom steps will be smaller.
Advance preference: zoom.ratio

Additional Tabs

Additional tabs may be added by Plugins.

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