Status Bar

The status bar displays the following information:

Box Displays Action / Menus
source:trunk/resources/images/statusline/lat.svg The geographic latitude of the mousepointer A left click opens the Jump to Position Dialog. With a right click you can change the coordinates format (Decimal Degrees, deg° min' sec", deg° min' (Nautical), Projected Coordinates).
source:trunk/resources/images/statusline/lon.svg The geographic longitude of the mousepointer Same as above.
source:trunk/resources/images/statusline/heading.svg The (compass) heading of the line segment being drawn.
source:trunk/resources/images/statusline/angle.svg The angle between the previous and the current way segment. Green background color if Angle Snapping is active. A right click opens the angle snapping settings menu, see below.
source:trunk/resources/images/statusline/dist.svg In edit mode: the length of new way segment being drawn; in select mode: the length of selected way(s) or the distance of two selected nodes A left click changes the system of measurement (MetricChineseImperialNautical Mile). With a right click you can directly choose one measurement system.
source:trunk/resources/images/statusline/name.svg The name, number of nodes and ID of the object at the mouse pointer.
text Some helpful information about the current working mode With a right click you can copy the shown help text.

Additional, except "text", the context menu always includes a check box to choose if the statusbar gets hidden when hiding the dialogs panel with Tab,

Angle snapping settings menu

Available via right click menu at source:trunk/resources/images/statusline/angle.svg "angle" when source:trunk/resources/images/mapmode/node/autonode.svg Draw mode is enabled:

Advanced Preferences

With the following keys in the Advanced Preferences you can adjust the numbers in the statusbar:

  • latlon.dms.decimal-format: adjusts the number of decimal places of the coordinates in deg° min' sec" format
  • adjusts the number of decimal places of coordinates in deg° min' (Nautical) format
  • statusbar.decimal-format: adjusts the number of decimal places of heading, angle and distance/length
  • statusbar.distance-threshold: determines when to display -- instead of the distance

After changing such a key you need to restart JOSM.

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