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source:trunk/resources/images/simplify.svg Keyboard shortcut: Shift+Y

Reduce the number of nodes in a way, but keep the general shape.

Implementation details

After simplification, all of the deleted nodes will be closer than the in the popup specifed distance (e.g. 3 m) to the simplified way. In other words, the old and the new way will never be more than e.g. 3 m apart.

The tool uses the Ramer–Douglas–Peucker algorithm for way simplification, but makes sure that tagged nodes and nodes with more than one parent way are not deleted.

See also

  • /pluginicon/SimplifyArea.jar/images/preferences/simplifyArea.png SimplifyArea plugin - despite the name, also simplifies ways. Uses a different algorithm and has more parameters for tuning. In particular for nodes A, B, C the node B is not deleted unless
    • area of the triangle ABC is lower than 5 m2
    • distance of B to the line AC is lower than 3 m
    • angle ABC doesn't deviate more than 10° from 180°
  • source:trunk/resources/images/distribute.svg Distribute Nodes

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