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source:trunk/images/splitway.png Split Way P Split a way at the selected nodes
source:trunk/images/combineway.png Combine Way C Combine several ways into one
source:trunk/images/wayflip.png Reverse Ways R Reverse the direction of all selected ways
source:trunk/images/simplify.png Simplify Way Shift+Y Delete unnecessary nodes from a way
source:trunk/images/aligncircle.svg Align Nodes in Circle O Move the selected nodes into a circle
source:trunk/images/alignline.svg Align Nodes in Line L Move the selected nodes into a line
source:trunk/images/distribute.png Distribute Nodes Shift+B Distribute the selected nodes to equal distance along a line
source:trunk/images/ortho.svg Orthogonalize Shape Q Move nodes that all angles are 90 or 180 degrees
source:trunk/images/mirror.svg Mirror Shift+M Mirror selected nodes and ways (expert mode only)
source:trunk/images/followline.svg Follow Line F Continues drawing a line that shares nodes with another line (expert mode only)
source:trunk/images/addnode.svg Add Node ... Shift+D Add a node by entering latitude and longitude (expert mode only)
source:trunk/images/movenode.png Move Node ... Move a node by entering latitude and longitude (expert mode only)
source:trunk/images/aligncircle.svg Create Circle Shift+O Create a circle from three selected nodes
source:trunk/images/mergenodes.svg Merge Nodes M Merges the currently selected nodes into one node
source:trunk/images/joinnodeway.png Join Node to Way J Join a node into the nearest way segment
source:trunk/images/movenodeontoway.png Move Node onto Way N Move a node onto the nearest way segment
source:trunk/images/unjoinnodeway.svg Disconnect Node from Way? Alt+J Disconnects a node from a way
source:trunk/images/unglueways.png Unglue Ways G Duplicate the nodes that are used by multiple ways
source:trunk/images/joinareas.svg Join overlapping Areas Shift+J Join areas that overlapping each other
source:trunk/images/multipoly_create.svg Create Multipolygon Ctrl+B Create multipolygon
source:trunk/images/multipoly_create.svg Update Multipolygon Ctrl+Shift+B Move tags from outer way to the multipolygon

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