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source:trunk/resources/images/unjoinnodeway.svg Keyboard shortcut: Alt+J

Disconnect selected nodes from a way they currently belong to.

The way geometry changes and the nodes stay at their position.
This action tries to perform an action by finding the right way to disconnect and excluding impossible selections but sometimes it is not possible.

Note: Be careful with underlying relations, as this action does not warn about possible affected relations, see #20837.


At least one node part of a way needs to be selected, otherwise following notification is displayed:

Select at least one node to be disconnected.

If selected nodes were ignore by this action, following notification is displayed:

Some irrelevant nodes have been removed from the selection.
  • If no appropriate way is found for the selected nodes, following notification is displayed:
    Selected node(s) cannot be disconnected from anything.
  • If the way would consists of less than two nodes, afterwards, this action is impossible as ways need at least two nodes. Therefore this action is denied in this situation and following notification displayed:
    The affected way would disappear after disconnecting the selected node(s).
  • If at least one selected node is part of more than one way with at least three nodes, the targeted way needs to be selected, additionally. Following notification is displayed:
    There is more than one way using the node(s) you selected.
    Please select the way also.

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