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/pluginicon/utilsplugin2.jar/images/utils.png Several utilities to make your life easier.

UtilsPlugin2 is a collection of useful tools. They are accessible via the menus Edit, More Tools, Data and Selection or with their keyboard shortcuts.


source:trunk/resources/images/copy.svg Copy Tags Copy all tags of the currently selected objects to the clipboard

More tools

source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/addintersect.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Add nodes at intersections Shift+I Add missing nodes at intersections of selected ways
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/splitobject.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Split Object Alt+X Split an object at selected nodes
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/dumbutils/alignwaynodes.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Align Way Nodes Shift+L Align nodes in a way
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/symmetry.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Symmetry Alt+Shift+S Mirror selected nodes and ways
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/dumbutils/splitonintersections.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Split adjacent ways Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P Split adjacent ways on T-intersections
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/ungluerelations.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Unglue Relation Alt+Shift+G Duplicate nodes, ways and relations used by mutiple relations
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/dumbutils/replacegeometry.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Replace Geometry Ctrl+Shift+G Replaces geometry of selected way with a new one
Replace Membership In relations where the selected object is member of, replace it with a new one
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/extnode.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Extract node Alt+Shift+J Extracts nodes from a way
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/dumbutils/tagbuffer.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Paste Tags from previous selection Shift+R Pasts tags from previous selected objects (not the clipboard)
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/dumbutils/sourcetag.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Add Source Tag Ctrl+Alt+S Add remembered source tag
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/dumbutils/pasterelations.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Paste Relations Paste relation memberships from objects in buffer onto selected objects
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/latlon.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Lat Lon tool Ctrl+Shift+L Create geometry by entering its lat lon coordinates
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/circlearc.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Circle arc Shift+C Simplifies drawing of circle arcs.


source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/openurl.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Open custom URL Shift+H Opens a custom URL specified in "Select custom URL"
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/openurl.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Select custom URL Selects a custom URL which will be used for the "Open custom URL" action
Tag multiple objects (alpha) Crtl+T Spreadsheet like editing of tags (cons: tags are untranslated)


source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/selectwaynodes.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Select way nodes Ctrl+Shift+N Select all nodes of selected ways
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/adjnodes.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Adjacent nodes E Select adjacent nodes
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/unsnodes.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Unselect nodes Shift+U Remove all nodes from selection
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/midnodes.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Middle nodes Alt+Shift+E Select middle nodes
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/adjways.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Adjacent ways Shift+E Select adjacent ways
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/adjwaysall.png in OpenStreetMap Trac All connected ways Ctrl+Shift+E Select all connected ways
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/intway.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Intersecting ways I Select intersecting ways
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/intwayall.png in OpenStreetMap Trac All intersecting ways Ctrl+NumPad* Select all intersecting ways
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/selinside.png in OpenStreetMap Trac All inside Alt+Shift+I Select all inside selected polygons
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/selmodnodes.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Select last modified nodes Shift+Z Select last modified ways
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/selmodways.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Select last modified ways Alt+Shift+Z Select last modified ways
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/undoselection.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Undo selection Ctrl+Shift+Z Reselect last added objects or selection from history
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/selecthighway.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Select Highway Ctrl+Alt+W Select highway for the name/ref given
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/selboundary.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Area boundary Shift+/ Select relation or all ways forming a boundary

The predecessor UtilsPlugin was integrated in JOSM core in 2011.

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