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/pluginicon/utilsplugin2.jar/images/utils.png Several utilities to make your life easier.

UtilsPlugin2 is another collection of useful tools as followup to UtilsPlugin now included in JOSM core.

The functions are accessible via the Edit menu, More tools menu, Data menu and the Selection menu or shortcuts.


source:trunk/images/copy.svg Copy Tags Copy the tags of the currently selected objects to the clipboard

More tools

source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/addintersect.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Add nodes at intersections? Shift+I Add missing nodes at intersections of selected ways
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/splitobject.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Split Object? Alt+X Split an object at selcted nodes
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/dumbutils/alignwaynodes.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Align Way Nodes? Shift+L Align nodes in a way
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/symmetry.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Symmetry? Alt+Shift+S Mirror selected nodes and ways
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/dumbutils/splitonintersections.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Split adjacent ways? Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P Split adjacent ways on T-intersections
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/ungluerelations.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Unglue Relation? Alt+Shift+G Duplicate nodes, ways and relations used by mutiple relations
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/dumbutils/replacegeometry.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Replace Geometry? Ctrl+Shift+G Replaces geometry of selected way with a new one
Replace Membership? In relations where the selected object is member of, replace it with a new one
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/extnode.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Extract node? Alt+J Extracts nodes from a way
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/dumbutils/tagbuffer.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Copy Tags from previous selection? Shift+R Pasts tags from previous selected objects
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/dumbutils/sourcetag.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Add Source Tag? Ctrl+Alt+S Add remembered source tag
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/dumbutils/pasterelations.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Paste Relations? Paste relation memberships from objects in buffer onto selected objects
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/latlon.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Lat Lon tool? Ctrl+Shift+L Create geometry by entering its lat lon coordinates
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/circlearc.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Circle arc Shift+C Simplifies drawing of circle arcs.


source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/openurl.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Open custom URL? Shift+H Opens a custom URL specified in "Select custom URL"
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/openurl.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Select custom URL? Selects a custom URL which will be used for the "Open custom URL" action
Tag multiple objects (alpha) Crtl+T Spreadsheet like editing of tags (cons: tags are untranslated)


source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/selectwaynodes.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Select way nodes Ctrl+Shift+N Select all nodes of selected ways
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/adjnodes.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Adjacent nodes E Select adjacent nodes
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/unsnodes.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Unselect nodes Shift+U Remove all nodes from selection
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/midnodes.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Middle nodes Alt+Shift+E Select middle nodes
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/adjways.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Adjacent ways Shift+E Select adjacent ways
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/adjwaysall.png in OpenStreetMap Trac All connected ways Ctrl+Shift+E Select all connected ways
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/intway.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Intersecting ways I Select intersecting ways
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/intwayall.png in OpenStreetMap Trac All intersecting ways Ctrl+NumPad* Select all intersecting ways
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/selinside.png in OpenStreetMap Trac All inside? Alt+Shift+I Select all inside selected polygons
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/selmodnodes.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Select last modified nodes Shift+Z Select last modified ways
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/selmodways.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Select last modified ways Alt+Shift+Z Select last modified ways
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/undoselection.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Undo selection Ctrl+Shift+Z Reselect last added objects or selection from history
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/selecthighway.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Select Highway ? Ctrl+Alt+W Select highway for the name/ref given
source:applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/selboundary.png in OpenStreetMap Trac Area boundary ? Shift+/ Select relation or all ways forming a boundary

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