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source:/osm/applications/editors/josm/plugins/utilsplugin2/images/splitobject.png Keyboard shortcut: Alt+X SplitObject in action

Split an object at selected nodes. Splits an area, source:trunk/resources/images/data/closedway.svg closed way and multipolygon or boundary source:trunk/resources/images/data/relation.svg relation into two parts.

Depending on the type of object, the underlying objects and the desired outcome different selections are needed. In all cases both areas inherit all tags and are selected after the action:

Closed way

  • With only two nodes of the way selected which are not direct neighbors, the way is split with a straight line between the selected nodes into two closed ways.
    • If two or more closed ways share the selected nodes, the closed way needs to be selected in addition.
  • With a non-closed way without tags selected which shares its end nodes with the closed way, the closed way is split along the non-closed way into two closed ways
    • Again, if two or more closed ways share the end nodes of the non-closed way, the closed way needs to be selected in addition.


Note: Be careful to have all parent relations of all outer ways which will be split download.

In order to split a relation, all members of the relation have to be downloaded. The relation and a non-closed way without tags and with its end nodes sharing any way with membership of the relation and with role outer need to be selected. Additionally, the non-closed way is not allowed to cross any member with role inner nor share any nodes with one of them.

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