Tools > Create a multipolygon

This tool is used to quickly create a relation, more specificity a valid multi-polygon.

a multipolygon with single outer ring and single inner ring

  1. Select a relation members that would form:
    1. an outer ring (ways) - in this demo we will use Select > Non-branching way sequences to speed up process.
    2. an inner ring
  2. after all members selected, activate a tool
  3. enter details using presets, Tags/Membership Dialog or Relation editor
  4. This tool creates only valid multi-polygons, but you may optionally check that new muti-polygon contains no mistakes using validator, as there might be mistakes after human intervention.

A new relation with single tag type=multipolygon would be created. You can add more details, using tags such as natural=water for water objects and so on.

gifify -o 3seg_outer_1seg_inner.gif 3seg_outer_1seg_inner.mp4

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