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Tools > Update Multipolygon

source:trunk/resources/images/multipoly_update.svg Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+B

This tool quickly updates a source:trunk/resources/images/data/multipolygon.svg multipolygon, one of the most common source:trunk/resources/images/data/relation.svg relations.

The actual outcome of the action relies on the selected source:trunk/resources/images/data/way.svg ways and relations:

  • If only ways without membership of a multipolygon are selected, the action is identical to source:trunk/resources/images/multipoly_create.svg Create Multipolygon.
  • If one selected way is member of a multipolygon or, additionally to ways, a multipolygon relation is selected, the existing relation is updated by moving most of the tags from the ways to the relation and adding the remaining ways with appropriate roles: outer and inner.
  • If a way has identical tags as the relation, this will be assumed to be an old style multipolygon and the tags will be removed from the way, regardless of whether it is role outer or inner.


Add a new inner ring

  1. Select a relation and new members that would form a multipolygon
  2. activate a tool

A multipolygon will be updated with a new inner ring. In example below we reuse old relation.

gifify -o multipolygon_updated_with_2inner.gif multipolygon_updated_with_2inner.mp4

Advanced Preferences

The same preferences as source:trunk/resources/images/multipoly_create.svg Create Multipolygon influence this action.

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