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source:/trunk/images/followline.svg Keyboard shortcut: F (expert mode only)

Makes it easier to draw a line that shares points with another line.

Follow line aims at those who want to draw two or more lines related with each other, but carry different information, I.e. roads that act as landuse borders at some parts.

Note: Relations (especially multipolygons) allow to prevent overlapping ways. Overlapping is an accepted practice nevertheless, as it is easier to edit most of time. But be aware, that overlapping is not always the right method (e.g. for boundaries it is better to use proper segments in relations).


Manually extend the new line to at least two consecutive nodes of the line to follow.

Then press F so many times as needed (or even hold down). The new line is automatically extended point by point along the path of the existent one.

If the new line were to follow a different way (after a junction or at the end of the guide-line), simply extend it manually until there is another line to follow.

The result: a lot of time saved and no skipped or wrongly placed nodes!

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