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source:trunk/resources/images/aligncircle.svg Keyboard shortcut: O

Move the selected nodes into a regular polygon.
At least four nodes or a closed way with at least four nodes need to be selected for the default behaviour.

There are also some special cases:

  • When one node, part of a way, and this way are selected, then make a regular polygon
  • When one closed way and one separate node is selected, set center to position of that node.
  • When one more node, part of the way, is selected, set the radius equal to the distance between the two selected nodes.
  • When multiple ways are selected and they are connected to create a ring, align nodes by first computing an average center and by preserving relative angles of interconnection (e.g. of roads connecting to a roundabout) when regularizing the radius, and redistribute the other nodes in each arc.
  • When multiple ways are selected and they are not connected in a ring, then each of the selected closed ways will be circularized.

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