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Preferences > Validator Settings

In this preference settings, you can activate only the tests you need. By default, all error and warning tests are active.

List of errors

  1. If you are a OSM newbie and encountered validation error about objects you haven't touched, please ignore these messages for now.
  2. Validator can be wrong or incomplete about all tagging practices. Don't fix errors when you aren't sure something is really wrong.
  3. First, refer to Help/Dialog/Validator - how to use validator

The third column contains also (video) explanations. The table is incomplete.

Validation What is checked Additional help
Addresses errors in Addresses and Relation:associatedStreet.
source:/trunk/images/data/warning.png House number without street objects that have an addr:housenumber tag, but neither addr:street nor addr:place. The street name can also be provided using an associatedStreet relation or on interpolation way. Add the missing street name information.
source:/trunk/images/data/warning.png Duplicate house numbers two members of an associatedStreet relation have the identical house number. It is possible with a low chance.
source:/trunk/images/data/warning.png Multiple street names in relation name tag of an associatedStreet relation matches the name tags of the members with role street and the addr:street tag of the members with role house.
source:/trunk/images/data/warning.png House number too far from street the houses of an associatedStreet are far away from the corresponding street. Verify that the house really belongs the the street that is given by the relation.
source:/trunk/images/data/warning.png Multiple associatedStreet relations an object is in more than one associatedStreet relation.
Barriers and entrances errors in Barriers and Key:entrance.
Coastlines Coastline are correct.
Conditional Keys usage of *:conditional tags. Imprecise rules covered at osm wiki page "Conditional restrictions"
Crossing barriers / boundaries / ways
source:/trunk/images/data/warning.png Crossing waysways (with highway/railway/waterway tags) that crosses in same layer with no crossing node 1. (video) usually you need to add a common node or 2. add appropriate Key:layer (and possibly Key:bridge or Key:tunnel)
Duplicated nodes
source:/trunk/images/data/error.png Duplicated nodesno nodes in the very same locationMerge the nodes into only one, adding the properties from all nodes to the merged one
Duplicated relations no relations with same tags and same members with same roles.
Duplicated ways no ways with same node coordinates and optionally also same tags.
Duplicated way nodes ways with identical consecutive nodes.
Highways semantic checks on highways.
Lane tags lane: tags.
Tag checker (MapCSS based) errors in tag keys and values.
Multipolygon multipolygons are valid.
Missing name:* translation finds multilingual objects whose name attribute is not equal to some name:* attribute and not a composition of name:* attributes, e.g., Italia - Italien - Italy.
Opening hours syntax correct usage of the opening hours syntax. common OH examples common mistakes complete OH spec
Overlapping ways a connection between two nodes is not used by more than one way. (video) Using selection, split and middle mouse
source:/trunk/images/data/warning.png Overlapping (high)ways two (high) ways that share the same nodes
Power lines nodes in power lines that do not have a power=tower/pole tag.
Relation checker errors in relations.
Self-intersecting ways ways that contain some of their nodes more than once.
Similarly named ways ways with similar names that may have been misspelled.
source:/trunk/images/data/warning.png Similar named waysways with very similar names, possibly a typo
Tag checker errors in tag keys and values.
Turnrestrictions turn restrictions are valid.
source:/trunk/images/data/warning.png Unknown role the role for members of a turn restriction relation is either from, to (ways) or via (nodes and ways)
source:/trunk/images/data/warning.png Unknown member type only nodes and ways (and not relations) are members of a turn restriction relation.
source:/trunk/images/data/error.png No "from" way found
No "to" way found
No "via" node or way found
all necessary elements of a turn restriction relation are present.
source:/trunk/images/data/error.png More than one "from" way found
More than one "to" way found
More than one "via" node found
at most one way with role from and to and at most one node with role via in a turn restriction relaion.
source:/trunk/images/data/error.png Cannot mix node and way for role "via" there is either a "via" node or multiple "via" ways, but not a mix of nodes and ways with role via.
source:/trunk/images/data/error.png The "from" way does not start or end at a "via" node.
The "to" way does not start or end at a "via" node.
The "from" and the first "via" way are not connected.
The "via" ways are not connected.
The last "via" and the "to" way are not connected.
the different parts of a turn restriction relation are connected. is also aware of oneway streets and considers parts unconnected, if they cannot be traveled in the intended order due to the oneway restriction. Make sure that consecutive member of a turn restriction relation are connected. (Ways must be connected end-to-end.)
source:/trunk/images/data/warning.png Superfluous turnrestriction as "to" way is oneway The turn restriction is not needed, because the corresponding turn would mean to enter a oneway street from the wrong side. Verify that the "from" and "to" ways are correctly assigned and delete the relation if it is indeed superfluous.
Unclosed Ways ways which should be circular are closed.
Unconnected highways / natural lands and landuses / power ways / railways / waterways a way has an endpoint very near to another way.
Untagged and unconnected nodes untagged nodes that are not part of any way. 1. If it is yours node, you are to decide if to remove it otherwise 2. Download parent relations and contact mappers who added these nodes in unclear cases
Untagged, empty and one node ways untagged, empty and one node ways.
Way connected to Area ways connected to areas.
Wrongly Ordered Ways direction of water, land and coastline ways.
Uncategorized Descriptions that need to be checked, updated and added to one of the categories above.
source:/trunk/images/data/error.png Duplicated way nodesways contain no loop edges (i.e., a single step from a node to itself)Split the way, and delete the way consisting of the loop edge.
source:/trunk/images/data/error.png Reversed coastline: land not on left sidecoastlines that are not counter-clockwise or that are otherwise misplaced (coastline misused as inland lake)Reverse coastline
source:/trunk/images/data/error.png Unconnected coastline: coastline ways do not form closed loopscoastlines ways that are not connected to the end of other coastline ways
source:/trunk/images/data/error.png Unordered coastline: coastline ways are not connected start-to-endcoastline ways of which either the start is not connected to the end of another coastline or the end is not connected to the start of another coastlineReverse coastline
source:/trunk/images/data/error.pngIncomplete waysways with zero or only one nodeRemoves the way
Check property keysmisspelled property keys. See the words.cfg for file of misspelled property keysReplace wrong key with right one
Check property valuesmisspelled property values. Uses the tagging presets file for checking
Empty propertiesproperties with empty values
source:/trunk/images/data/warning.png Self-intersecting waysa way crosses itselfRemove the self-crossing, remove overlapping parts or split way
source:/trunk/images/data/warning.png Unclosed waysway types, which should be closed really are closedClose unclosed ways
source:/trunk/images/data/warning.png Untagged waysuntagged ways 1. describe them correctly if you know this objects or 2. leave them until somebody describes them
source:/trunk/images/data/warning.png Way end node near other highway End point of a way is very near to other ways Connect the ways or when really unconnected set a 'noexit' tag to prevent further warnings
source:/trunk/images/data/warning.png Style for outer way mismatchesWithin a multipolygon relation, one of the tags of the relation and the outer ways is shared but with different valuesCopy relation related tags to the relation itself
source:/trunk/images/data/warning.png Style for inner way equals multipolygonWithin a multipolygon relation, one of the tags of the relation and the inner ways is shared and has the same valueRemove tag from inner way
source:/trunk/images/data/other.png FIXMESany property with the word "FIXME" inside
source:/trunk/images/data/other.png Highway without a referencethere is a ref tag for highways that are tagged tertiary. Not always required, see for instance Highway
source:/trunk/images/data/other.png Key 'x' invalid. - ...illegal key combinations, names and similar issues
source:/trunk/images/data/other.png Nodes with the same nametwo nodes have equal name
source:/trunk/images/data/other.png Overlapping areasareas overlapRemove overlapping only when really wrong.
source:/trunk/images/data/other.png Unknown propery valueproper use of tagsIf it is your new tag, it is good idea document it at wiki Any tags you like
source:/trunk/images/data/other.png No style in multipolygon relationThe multipolygon relation is missing a tag describing what it representsFor a building, add building=yes to the relation etc.

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