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Display the About dialog with version information, list of installed plugins and much more information about JOSM.


Shows JOSM and Java Version numbers and provides links to JOSM homepage, Launchpad (the translation platform) and the social network pages of JOSM.

Info screenshot


Shows the content of the README text file within JOSM source. Some useful information.


Detailed revision information.

revision screenshot


Shows the content of the CONTRIBUTION text file within JOSM source. A list of all major contributors and more.


Shows the content of the LICENSE text file within JOSM source. The current license under which JOSM is released.


Lists all installed and activated plugins with revision number and short description. An extra Information button provides more information about each plugin in a separate window.

Plugins screenshot

Installation Details

Shows installation specific directories used by JOSM and provides buttons to open these in a file browser.

tab "Installation Detais" in About JOSM popup


Lists all translators of the current language. This tab is not available if the language is set to english. Example of the german translators tab:

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