Estilos de JOSM

La visualización del mapa de JOSM se puede personalizar con diferentes estilos.

Elija Estilos

JOSM ofrece una preselección de estilos, que pueden activarse o desactivarse en el diálogo de estilo de mapa. Hay estilos de base (por ejemplo JOSM estándar o Potlatch 2) que cubren una amplia gama de características cada uno. Se pueden combinar con el complemento estilos que cubren temas más especiales:

descripción cortaautordescripciónversión
icon (Basic) Indoor map yopaseopor Visualization of basic tagging in indoor mapping for JOSM Más detalles 1_2019-03-08
Address Tags Validator Antisida, CupIvan, Felis Pimeja, Zverik Coloring of buildings with or without addr:street, addr:housenumber (deprecated, use 'Coloured streets style' instead.) 1.18_2020-10-05
icon Admin Boundaries pierzen Colors Admin Boundary Polygons and nodes. It Helps monitor and edit Boundaries. Parameter options let select Admin levels to show. 1.4_2020-10-05
Advertising style, to have icons for main types of advertising devices Barnes38 Icons for advertising=billboard, advertising=column, advertising=poster_box, advertising=totem, advertising=board Más detalles draft.52_2018-07-25
icon BAR Damage Assessment jgc Displays colored and shaped icons, to show tagging of visible structural strength and damage scale of buildings, according to HHI BAR damage assessment methodology, adapted for OSM Más detalles 0.6_2018-03-24
icon Bench Klumbumbus Displays details of bench tags. Más detalles 1.1.6_2018-03-24
BesideTheRoad_Speed kudrdima Visualization of traffic signs, road characteristics, some of the road infrastructure, traffic restrictions and prohibitions Más detalles 0.9_2021-09-26
icon BNIWR Rendering (standarized symbols) Aun (Skippern) Johnsen JOSM rendering of nautical symbols according to BNIWR standard 0.1
Boundary_Stone ajoessen,lutz Visualization of some historic=* tags 0.7_2020-10-05
icon Building Colors whatismoss Colors buildings depending on their building=* tag. Más detalles 1_2024-01-02
Building Levels Labels Sowa1980, Alexander-II Explicitly shows such tags as roof:levels, building:levels, building:levels:underground, building:min_level in the center of building/building part. 1.8_2019-05-30
Carriles para circulación por la derecha, versión con colores Wolfgang Hinsch Representación gráfica de los tags de carriles de tráfico, de girar, de autobús y de bicicleta; aceras y alumbrado público 0.5_2014-07-02
Carriles para circulación por la derecha, versión con flechas Wolfgang Hinsch Representación gráfica de los tags de carriles de tráfico, de girar, de autobús y de bicicleta; aceras y alumbrado público 0.11_2014-06-29
CEVNI Rendering (standarized symbols) JOSM rendering of nautical symbols according to CEVNI standard Más detalles 2019-03-10
Collapsed/damaged buildings Hjart Style to classify buildings Más detalles 0.6_2020-10-05
Color Ways Martien, osm username martien-176 (formerly martien-vdg) Choose your preferred color and line width of building outlines for better visibility on different backgrounds. Also highways and waterways have clearer colors Más detalles 0.2.32_2023-12-01
Colorize bicycle routes Martin Ždila <martin.zdila@…> Colorize bicycle routes tagged with tag colour. 0.2.4_2013-11-03
Colour GPS data Dirk Stöcker, René Lange Display points according to GPS status (needs conversion of GPX layer to OSM). 1.3_2019-11-20
colour tag Klumbumbus Displays ways in the colour of their colour tag. Supported formats are 6 digit RGB hexadecimal (#112233), 3 digit RGB hexadecimal (#123) and CSS color names (green). Más detalles 4_2022-08-05
Coloured geozeisig Style to classify buildings (german) Más detalles 1.015_2020-10-05
Coloured Buildings.en riiga Style to classify buildings (English) Más detalles 1.02_2021-09-18
Coloured riiga Style to classify buildings (Swedish) Más detalles 1.01_2021-09-18
Coloured darkonus Style to classify buildings. Translation of the geozeisig style Más detalles 0.1_7_2022-05-08
Coloured Kerbs te Draws the pattern for barrier=kerb in different colours based on kerb=* tag. Más detalles 4_2018-05-19
Coloured Postcode geozeisig Style to ease mapping of Postcode by colouring streets and houses and nodes Más detalles 2.18_2020-10-05
icon Coloured Streets geozeisig, Klumbumbus Colouring of buildings, address nodes and streets with the same street name in the same colour. Makes working with addresses a lot easier. Check out the linked page to read how to change some settings of this mappaint style. Más detalles 3.53.127_2021-04-10
Coloured Suburb geozeisig Coloring of buildings with addr:suburb depending on a CRC algorithm Más detalles 2.14_2020-10-05
Colouring helping editing names and refs on streets in Serbia Pedja This MapCSS style colors ways according to tags name and ref:RS:street, Style is supposed to be used combined with other styles (Tested in JOSM) Más detalles 0.11_2021-08-06
Conscriptionnumbers/streetnumbers jose1711 Displays addresses using Czech/Slovak address system Más detalles 0.2.3_2018-03-24
Cycleway Styling (BNA) pkoby This style was developed to aid in editing for the PeopleforBikes Bicycle Network Analysis (BNA). It adds line decorations to visualize on and off-road cycle tags, as well as relevant on-street parking. Notably, it displays individual sides of the road, and includes cycleway buffers. Deprecated tags are shown in different colors to suggest edits. Más detalles 0.7_2023-03-14
Cycleways cmuelle8 Standalone style to visualize cycleway=* and bicycle=* of objects, fade everything else. Please turn off JOSM internal style to use it. Más detalles 1.7_2018-03-24
destination_sign Relation mdv Highlight relation roles from, sign and to 1.8_2020-10-05
DigiRoad bus stops Polyglot Highlight DigiRoad bus stops with directional arrows Más detalles 1.6_2018-11-02
icon Direction Hanikatu Shows the direction of object or light. Más detalles 1.1.6_2021-06-06
icon Direction for traffic signs Michael Maier (species@osm) very simple preset to show the “direction” tag of a highway=stop,give_way,traffic_signals Más detalles 0.1.7
icon Enhanced Lane and road attributes Martin Vonwald,Florin Badita Visualization of lanes, width, turn lanes, changing the lane, destination, lighting and street lamps, sidewalk, cycletracks, bicycle lanes, bus lanes, psv lanes. Added modification by Florin Badita : - You can see the end of each road segment as a square. - If you modify the lines from ~70 until ~80 and you add your own name, you will be able to see with green your modifications, so that you can inspect the other ways that already have lanes attributes, but were not made by you. - We only show lanes to road categoryes highwer then unclassified, residential. Más detalles 2.9_2020-04-27
EPCI (France) Don-vip Display French local authorities (known as EPCI) Más detalles 2.0.5_2016-01-03
european-waterways-classification-style kannix visualisation of navigable waterways in Europe for recreational boating Más detalles 2021-12-23
icon fixme and note Klumbumbus Displays fixme=* and note=* coloured. Más detalles 1.0.2_2020-08-17
icon Fixme and notes markers LLlypuk82, Antisida This MapCSS style highlights nodes/ways/polygons/multipolygons that contain FIXME/fixme/note and combinations of this tags. This style may be used alone or combined with other styles(Tested in JOSM only). 0.2_2015-12-15
icon FIXME Highlight Warnings pierzen This MapCSS style highlights ways/Polygons that contain Fixme attribute and unnamed highways. This style may be used alone or combined with other styles such as Potlatch2 and Mapnik (Tested in JOSM only). 0.20_2017-10-30
icon Forest igitov Display detailed description of forest stands & related objects 0.0.53
FreieTonne FreieTonne Style for FreieTonne-Seamarks Más detalles 20220108225247
icon Greenery details Jeroen Hoek Highlight various cultivated greenery features, like shrubbery. 1.3_2021-08-30
icon hazmat Klumbumbus Displays hazmat=* and hazmat:water=* coloured. Más detalles 1.06_2020-10-05
icon Health Boundaries pierzen Colors Health Boundary Polygons and nodes. It Helps monitor and edit Boundaries. Parameter options let select Health levels to show. Más detalles 1.10_2021-05-28
icon HiDPI Support Klumbumbus Allows to scale the nodes size and the font size of the default JOSM mappaint style. Más detalles 1.11_2021-01-03
icon Highway areas Alex Seidel (Supaplex030) Visual support for mapping highway areas (area:highway). Más detalles 1.4_2023-07-26
Highway Nodes naoliv Highlights untagged and unconnected nodes in a way Más detalles 1.5_2020-10-05
HU-HighlightHikingTrailSigns efemm Highlight hiking trails icons, optimized for Hungarian marking. Más detalles 1.12_2022-04-25
icon Icon tester Klumbumbus Helps to test new JOSM icons. Más detalles 1.1.11_2021-05-15
icon iD Leif Rasmussen Renders roads, waterways, landuse, and other features like iD. Más detalles 0.36_2024-02-22
icon Incline Klumbumbus Display of up/down arrows at the first and last node of ways with incline=*. Más detalles 2.1.10_2020-09-04
Incomplete Object Warnings Timonade Checks for incomplete data 2_2022-09-26
icon Indoor Ubica2 Project Team This JOSM style displays useful information to help indoor map edition. It highlights rooms, corridors, stairs and elevators. In addition, some kind of nodes which are important inside a building will be represented also Más detalles 0.5
icon Inline_Validation Validate map data as you edit. 0.2
icon INT 1 Rendering (IHO standarized symbols) PD Aun (Skippern) Johnsen JOSM rendering of nautical symbols according to IHO standard INT-1 0.2.1
Japan Impassable Ways cmuelle8 Dash out ways tagged with barriers, visualize practicability=* Más detalles 1.7_2020-10-05
icon Japan Tsunami POIS PierZen POIS related to Tsunami plus Surface / Roads with damages, obstacles Más detalles 1.24_2020-10-31
icon JOSM default (XML; old version, outdated) Old version of JOSM default style XML: 1.10_2020-03-07
Kapor2 parcels jose1711 Color coding of parcels obtained via Kapor2 plugin (export function) 0.2_2019-08-15
Landcover tags Martin Vonwald Show landcover and some additional landuse tags 0.4.14_2020-10-05
icon Lane and road attributes Martin Vonwald Visualization of lanes, width, turn lanes, changing the lane, destination, lighting and street lamps, sidewalk, cycletracks, bicycle lanes, bus lanes, psv lanes. Más detalles 2.10-68_2023-10-30
icon Layer checker Klumbumbus Display of layer values in JOSM map display. Más detalles 1.2.17_2021-03-23
Less obtrusive nodes xeen Make nodes smaller when zoomed out. This makes navigating easier when viewing a large area. Also hides icons and text accordingly. Más detalles 1.9_2018-03-24
LexxPluss Style Yasuyuki Miura & Masaya Aso LexxPluss style to be unicorn Más detalles 0.2.12_2022-11-03
light_source Manuel Hohmann Icons for light_source=*. 0.2_2019-08-15
Lit cmuelle8 Show lit=yes/no settings in JOSM map display Más detalles 2.0.5_2016-01-03
icon Lit Objects achadwick Supplementary stylesheet which highlights lit and unlit objects by surrounding them with large glows. Works well with the Potlatch 2 base style. 0.3_2015-06-02
icon Mapillary Object Detections Taylor Smock Paint style for Mapillary point objects 1.6_2022-08-24
Mapnik (true) MapCSS variant of the OSM Mapnik style (as close as possible to the original). It is not very suitable for real mapping in an editor because nodes and lines without a style are hidden and opaque areas may cover each other. This file is optimized for JOSM and may need some minor changes to work properly with other MapCSS implementations. 0.1
icon Mapping Accessibility LorenzoStucchi Mappatura dell'accessibilità Más detalles 2.4_2020-11-22
icon MapWithAI Taylor Smock Visualization of MapWithAI data 1.19_2021-03-23
icon Maxspeed Rubke, Dirk Stöcker, Vclaw, Klumbumbus Display maxspeed values of ways in the map view. Más detalles 2.7.41_2020-10-05
Missing Maps / Youth Mappers Validators Checks George Washington University Some easy settings to find problems that are common in HOT, Missing Maps and Youth Mappers tasks -- namely roads that have a name, which might suspect, and buildings that aren't tagged as building=yes 1.7
icon Modified objects Sebastian Klein Highlight modified objects Más detalles 0.1.14_2021-03-23
Mountains lzhl Indication mountain terrain tags 0.6_2020-10-05
MTB Heiko Woehrle visualize mtb:scale of objects Más detalles Styles/MTB
New basic style Mokrynskyi Pavlo Style is made in the likeness of the id editor from the web version of Use together with the standard one.Comments and suggestions write to Más detalles 15_2018-08-04
icon New highway colors Evgeny Katyshev Make highways color like at standart OSM render Más detalles 1.0.3_2020-10-05
new parking features Mario Schütze Display the new parking features from "Proposed_features/parking" (see link). Más detalles 1.4_2018-03-24
NoFeature Pierre Béland (PierZen) No Feature Validation focused style. This style hides the visible and make visible objects hidden in the database with no valid Main tag to facilitate identification of these Features (ie, highway, building, landuse, natural, amenity, shop,etc). This first version is a proof of concept. Comments welcomed. 0.12_2019-08-15
Numbered Cycle Node Networks Polyglot Highlight Numbered nodes and the routes in between them Más detalles 1.15_2020-05-14
Numbered Walking Node Networks Escada Highlight numbered nodes and the routes in between them Más detalles 1.5_2020-05-14
icon Open Nederlands Wegenbestand (OpenNWB) Jeroen van der Gun (Fileradar) Interactieve kaartstijl met wegkenmerken voor de Lage Landen Más detalles
OpenRailwayMap additional icons and symbols for editing Nakaner Style for a assisting mapping of railway information in JOSM. Not suitable for map rendering. Más detalles 0
OpenRailwayMap Electrification layer Dakon Style for a electrification layer railroad network map. Más detalles 0
OpenRailwayMap infrastructure standard layer rurseekatze Style for a infrastructure standard layer railroad network map. Más detalles 0
OpenRailwayMap maxspeed layer rurseekatze Style for a maxspeed layer of the railroad network. Más detalles 0
OpenRailwayMap signalling layer rurseekatze Style for a signalling layer railroad network map. Más detalles 0
operator and ref "Sowa1980, Панкратов Александр Владимирович Explicitly shows tags like operator, ref in center of area, node 1.00_2021-12-08
icon orientation for traffic signs Stéphane Péneau (Carto'Cité) simple preset to show the “direction” tag of a highway=stop,give_way,traffic_signals Más detalles 0.3.1
OSMC Hiking Martin Ždila <martin.zdila@…> Colorize marked hiking trails using OSMC tagging schema. 0.2.3_2013-11-03
OSMC Hiking (optimized for SK/CZ/PL) Martin Ždila <martin.zdila@…> Colorize marked hiking trails using OSMC tagging schema. Optimized for SK/CZ/PL marking. 0.2.2_2013-11-03
Osmic nebulon42 Osmic icons for JOSM Más detalles 0.1
Paddenstoel guidepost vsandre Show a special icon for a paddenstoel guidepost. Más detalles 1.8_2020-10-05
icon Parking lanes Sebastian Klemm, Kay Drangmeister, Jeroen Hoek, riiga, Supaplex030 Parking lanes along roads and parking/stopping restrictions. Más detalles 1.24_2022-12-11
icon Places_ES_styles Iago Casabiell González Displays nodes with [place=*] for Spain. 1.0.4_2020-01-15 ToDos simon04 Highlight problematic objects from import Más detalles 1.6_2020-10-05
potlach2 access iav Visualizes access tag on highways. Made only for Potlach2 JOSM style 0.2_2012-11-30
icon Potlatch 2 Richard Fairhurst, conversion by Guillaume Rischard Potlatch 2 core stylesheet, forked, patched, converted and vectorised. Más detalles 1.12_2023-12-30
Power FLacombe A more detailed style for various power facilities and features 0.4.5_2020-04-17
Power Mapping Additions SSherpa+prabhasp Special icons for facilitating mapping of power lines; in development. Más detalles 0.35_2020-10-31
icon PPWBC Rendering (standarized symbols) Aun (Skippern) Johnsen JOSM rendering of nautical symbols according to PPWBC standard 0.1
icon Priority Road Klumbumbus Displays priority_road=* coloured. Más detalles 1.1.9_2020-10-05
PTStops FiliusMartii Highlight important information regarding Public Transportation according to public transport version 2 Más detalles 1.0.4_2016-01-19
Public Transport Polyglot Highlight important information regarding Public Transport Más detalles 2.10_2018-03-24
icon Recycling Materials Klumbumbus Displays recycling material on recycling nodes. Más detalles 1.0.6_2020-10-05