Improve the readability of ways

These mapstyles improve the visibility of ways (highways, waterways, buildings). Highways and waterways have colors that are more pregnant. Very handy for validators that are inspecting an area when zoomed out. Or for areas that are full of other objects.

The buildings mapstyle has a style setting to choose the color and to vary the width of the outline of the building.

Usage and installation

  1. Open the Map Paint Styles preferences
  2. Click the source:trunk/resources/images/dialogs/add.svg plus sign on the right and enter the URL of the style file:
  3. Confirm by clicking the OK button (twice) and exit

See for more installation instructions: Styles

When installed you can right click on the mapstyle and choose building outline color and line width.



  • unclassified → white
  • track → dotted brown - green
  • residential → light green - blue
  • service → aqua blue


  • river → default
  • stream → DeepSkyBlue

The code

meta {
    title: "Color Ways";
    description: "Choose your preferred color and line width of building outlines for better visibility on different backgrounds. Also highways and waterways have clearer colors";
    version: "0.2.23_2022-08-01";
    author: "Martien, osm username martien-176";
    link: "";

/* Setting Options */

setting::colordisplay {
  type: color;
  label: tr("Color used for displaying buildings");
  default: green;

setting::building_line_width {
  type: double;
  label: tr("Choose line width of building");
  default: 2;

/* Settings */

/* Buildings */

way[building] {
    color: setting("colordisplay");

way[building] {
    width: setting("building_line_width");

/* Highways */

    width: 4;
    color: white;

    width: 4;
    color: peru;
    dashes: 12,9;
    dashes-background-color: springgreen;

    width: 3;
    color: aqua;

    width: 2;
    color: Aquamarine;

/* Waterways */

    width: 2;
    color: DeepSkyBlue;

    width: 6;


If you have questions or remarks, you can reach me via

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