Highway Nodes

This style highlights untagged and unconnected nodes in a way

It's good for:

Finding missing turning_circles or noexits

Finding unneeded nodes in straight lines

Finding unconnected ways

Finding possible wrongly merged/joined streets

The style

meta {
  title: "Highway Nodes";
  version: "1.5_2020-10-05";
  description: "Highlights untagged and unconnected nodes in a way";
  author: "naoliv";
  link: "";

/* highlight all the nodes */
way[highway] > node {
  symbol-shape: square;
  symbol-stroke-color: #00ffff;
  symbol-fill-color: blue;

/* dim the nodes that we don't want */
node:connection, node:tagged {
  symbol-fill-color: #808080;
  symbol-stroke-color: #808080;


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