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The mappaint style "tiger:reviewed=no" displays an underlay for ways tagged with tiger:reviewed=no. This was for a long time part of the default internal mappaint style and was outsourced to this external style in november 2016 (see #13897 for the reasons).

You can adjust the colour in the preference window of JOSM.

You can use the tiger:reviewed=no mappaint style together with the default JOSM internal mappaint style.

For ideas/questions/bugs/suggestions or similar please write a message to Klumbumbus.

Feel free to translate this wiki page into more languages. Already translated languages see top right.


meta {
    title: "tiger:reviewed=no";
    version: "1.4_2018-03-24";
    description: "Displays an underlay for ways tagged with tiger:reviewed=no.";
    icon: "tiger.png";
    author: "Klumbumbus";
    link: "";
    min-josm-version: "11229";

meta[lang=de] {
    title: "tiger:reviewed=no";
    description: "Zeigt eine Hinterlegung bei Linien, welche mit tiger:reviewed=no getaggt sind.";
    link: "";
way["tiger:reviewed"=no]::tiger {
    major-z-index: -10;
    width: prop("width", "default")+9;
    color: tiger_data#808000;
    opacity: 0.6;


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