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This menu controls the playback of an audio recording that you would have made to complement the GPS tracks you collected during surveying.

If you are audio mapping a lot, you will probably want to set the option Display the Audio menu under source:trunk/resources/images/preferences/audio.svg Audio Settings to put the buttons for audio playback on your toolbar in the familiar arrangement of such controls.

Icon Name Shortcut
source:trunk/resources/images/audio-playpause.svg Play/pause period
source:trunk/resources/images/audio-next.svg Next Marker F8
source:trunk/resources/images/audio-prev.svg Previous Marker F5
source:trunk/resources/images/audio-fwd.svg Forward F7
source:trunk/resources/images/audio-back.svg Back F6
source:trunk/resources/images/audio-faster.svg Faster F9
source:trunk/resources/images/audio-slower.svg Slower F4

As well as these controls, you can jump directly to a point in the sound track related to a position on the GPX track by

  • dragging the orange play head arrow source:trunk/resources/images/markers/audio-tracer.svg close to a trackpoint
    • if you don't see the orange play head arrow source:trunk/resources/images/markers/audio-tracer.svg moving along the track while you play audio, make sure the Display live audio trace option in source:trunk/resources/images/preferences/audio.svg Audio Preferences is on.
  • clicking on an audio marker source:trunk/resources/images/markers/speech.svg

See Audio Mapping for techniques you might adopt to make efficient use of audio recordings.

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