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To import an audio track just right-click on a GPX layer in the layers list and select Import Audio.

Import Audio creates a new Marker Layer comprising one or more "Audio Markers" at appropriate positions on the GPX track of the layer from which it was derived, and associates a WAV format audio file with the markers.

Audio Markers have an icon associated with them, which when clicked causes the audio to play from the time assigned to the Marker by the offset from the start of the track.

Audio markers are arranged as follows, unless the corresponding option is turned off in the 'When importing audio, make markers from...' section in Audio Preferences:

  1. At the location of any explicit waypoints in the GPX file which have useful time stamps.

  2. At the location of any explicit waypoints which don't have useful time stamps but which are near the track, so can have their timing information inferred from the time stamps of the track points.

  3. At the location of any trackpoints which have explicit names (or descriptions) in the GPX file.
    • whether this is useful depends on how your GPS receiver manages its waypoints or marks.

  4. A marker called 'start' is added at the beginning of the track.

(For the future, some "simple" audio recognition offers the intriguing possibility of also adding markers at specific vocal cues in the sound track).

You can add additional markers explicitly using Make Audio Marker At Play Head on the Marker Layer context menu and a marker will also be added when you synchronize the audio at a point that doesn't already have one. You may also need to calibrate your audio if the clock in your recorder isn't very accurate.

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