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A Marker layer holds identified points of a GPX track, called Markers. So a Marker layer has a relation to a GPX layer.

The markers are created in four varieties: Named, Audio, Image and Web.

source:trunk/images/dialogs/showhide.png Show/Hide
source:trunk/images/dialogs/showhide.png Show/Hide Text/Icons
source:trunk/images/dialogs/delete.svg Delete
source:trunk/images/dialogs/mergedown.png Merge
source:trunk/images/colorchooser.png Customize Color
source:/trunk/images/audio-sync.svg Synchronize Audio
source:/trunk/images/addmarkers.png Make Audio Marker at Play Head
Jump to next marker
Jump to previous marker
source:trunk/images/converttoosm.png Convert to data layer
source:trunk/images/dialogs/edit.png Rename layer
source:trunk/images/info.png Info

The context menu of a marker layer

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