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This function lets you insert an explicit Audio Marker into a Marker Layer.

You will need a set of Audio Markers in a Marker Layer. This will usually have been created using Make Sampled Audio Layer from a GPX Layer.

The main reason for offering this function is to let you place an Audio Marker at the location of a synchronization cue point, so you have a marker to synchronize your sound track to the GPS track. However you can also use it to insert missing audio markers (perhaps you forgot to make a waypoint in your GPS, or there is somewhere in the sound trackj that doesn't have a convenient marker to play from for whatever reason.

If you are making Waypoints on your GPS, you wouldn't normally need this, though. But when you create a set of automatically sampled Audio Markers using Make Sampled Audio Layer you are unlikely to have an artifically generated point just at the landmark where you want to synchronize. So you need to add a Marker there explictly.


  1. First locate where your synchronization landmark is (or any location you want a new Audio Marker).
  1. Find the Audio Marker which immediately precedes it on the GPS track and click it to play the audio from there. (Ignore the sound that is playing - it is not synchronized yet).
  1. Follow the play head (the orange arrow) until it reaches your landmark. Then source:trunk/resources/images/audio-playpause.svg Pause play back.
  1. Select Make Audio Marker At Play Head on the context menu for the Audio Marker Layer to add the new, explicit Marker.

You can then synchronize at that point.

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