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This feature is available for source:trunk/resources/images/layer/gpx_small.svg GPX Layers and source:trunk/resources/images/layer/marker_small.svg Marker Layers and converts gpx data into osm data.

GPX Layers

Creates a new OSM Data Layer comprising a source:trunk/resources/images/data/way.svg way for each track in the GPX data, consisting of a source:trunk/resources/images/data/node.svg node in sequence for each track point. You have the choice to convert all, some or none tags to the track points:

from #16572 from #14103 by StephaneP, cutted

If you want to use this way as a new OpenStreetMap's highway, this is very much only a starting point. You will need to split the ways up, connect them with correct topology, move nodes around, thin them out, remove the unwanted tags, tag them and so on. Never upload raw converted ways !

Advanced preference

The related keys in the advanced preference are:

  • gpx.convert-tags: all, list, *ask, no
  • gpx.convert-tags.last: *all, list, no
  • gpx.convert-tags.list.yes: [list]
  • [list]

Marker Layers

When converting a Marker Layer only the following tags of the marker will be converted to osm tags:

marker tag osm tag
name name
desc description
cmt note
src source
sym gpxicon

You can adjust or enhance this list by modifying the key in the advanced preferences. The key gpxicon is intended for custom icon display within JOSM, so make sure to not upload any keys which should not be part of the OSM database. (See also ticket #13717, the implementation of this feature.)

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