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source:trunk/resources/images/preferences/plugin.svg Configure available plugins.
This register of the Preferences dialog has two tabs to install plugins and to configure the policy automatic updates.

Plugins can extend the core functionality of JOSM. The list Plugins for JOSM shows the official plugins and their kinds of functionality. It is common that users install some plugins.

Installing plugins

  1. (Optionally) Click on source:trunk/resources/images/download.svg Download list to download the list of available plugins (if nothing was shown).
  2. (Optionally) Use the checkboxes and the Search text field on top to filter the list.
  3. Tick the checkbox for every plugin you want to install.
  4. Click on OK.

JOSM will download and install the plugins.
Some plugins require a restart of JOSM to get fully installed. A confirmation will appear if needed.

Filter by text Plugin list Filter by status
Reload list
data from server
Update the selected
plugins manually
Only visible in
Expert mode

Please, install only the plugins you need. Plugins will probably rise the chance of code errors and some combinations might even not been tested. As a plugin could be a file from Somewhere in the Internet keep the security related issues in mind.

Manual installation

If a manual installation is really needed, you can put the .jar files in the plugins directory under JOSM user-data directory. Now restart and the plugins should show up in the plugin list. Tick the checkboxes of these manually placed plugins for finally installing them.

Plugin update policy

Updating plugins

copy from page wiki:Plugins On start-up, JOSM attempts to update the plugins

  • if JOSM itself has been updated since the last plugin update. This is called the version based update mode.
  • if a certain period of time has elapsed since the last plugin update. This is called the time based updated mode.

In both cases, JOSM offers to update the currently active plugins and you are advised to run the updates by clicking on Update plugins. You may also skip updating, but be warned, that installed plugins could be incompatible with the new JOSM version and that they might either fail to load or fail to work as expected.

Select Do not ask again and remember my decision if JOSM should always try the selected action without asking for confirmation. If you select this checkbox, JOSM won't display this dialog anymore.


policy screenshot

  • Select the radio button Ask before updating if JOSM shall ask before updating plugins in version and/or time-based update mode.
  • Select the radio button Always update without asking if JOSM shall automatically update plugins without asking.
  • Select the radio button Never update to disable version or time based automatic update. JOSM will skip automatic update at startup if this policy is selected.

The interval in days for the time based updated mode can be set below the radio buttons (default=30).

Note: There will be not restart required if plugins are updated on start-up.

Manually updating plugins

  1. Launch the source:trunk/resources/images/preference.svg Preferences dialog.
  2. Select the tab source:trunk/resources/images/preferences/plugin.svg Plugins.
  3. Click on source:trunk/resources/images/download.svg Download list to download the list of available plugins.
  4. Your installed plugins are already selected at the checkboxes
  5. Click on source:trunk/resources/images/dialogs/refresh.svg Update plugins.

JOSM will update the selected plugins. You have to source:trunk/resources/images/restart.svg restart JOSM to complete the update process.

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