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source:trunk/resources/images/anglesnap.svg Angle Snapping.

Use this function to draw segment that is parallel, perpendicular or at precisely defined angles (30°, 45°, 60°, 90°) degrees to the base segment.

Basic usage

  1. Activate Draw mode as usual
  2. To enable Angle Snapping:

When enabled, status bar with angle with be highlighted in bright green.

  1. To select base segment:
    • click Right mouse click on segment you want to use as reference OR
    • move mouse over segment while holding Ctrl
  2. Angle snapping mode will snap angle of the new segments to predefined list of angles - thus it's name


You can choose the direction of next segment to make specific angle between segments (0,30,45,90, degrees etc.).

Base segment can be changed as many times as you want

Base segment will be preserved while drawing mode is on

Pay attention how "Draw mode" was NEVER disabled during this illustration:

Snapping to nodes of the drawn way


Note that it will snap to the nodes only based on 90° angles and regardless of the distance.

Advanced settings

To choose angles, disable showing helper geometry, or disable snapping, use right-click on Angle symbol in statusbar and select corresponding item in popup menu.

Disabling angle snap shortcut

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