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(stub, please continue and expand with Notes, Mapillary, Validation errors and Images from 3rd party servers)


  • id - download object by beforehand known id
    • ids - download multiple objects by their ids
  • ver - download objects of specific version
  • time - download objects at specific point in time
  • objectasarea - objects within area based on OSM objects
No Activation steps id ids ver time objectasarea Data type Help page or notes
1 Ctrl+Shift+↓ no only latest no OSM data Download area by your bbox, it was covered in Introduction
2 Alt+Shift+↓ yes yes no? yes yes OSM data Download from Overpass API
3 Ctrl+Shift+O yes yes OSM data Download objects by their known ids
4 Ctrl+V yes OSM data When data layer is present, paste an object URL ( and object will be downloaded (#13430)
5 Ctrl+Alt+D OSM data Download parent ways and relations
6 via command line OSM data Via command line options
7 download along GPX trace no only latest no OSM data Download from OSM along this Track?
8 open a file OSM data Help/Action/Open a file, note that supported file extension list can be extended with plugins
9 open location ... yes yes OSM data Help/Action/OpenLocation a file on network, or URL
10 drag and drop supported file on running JOSM OSM data Similar to file open
11 Download data along selected ways OSM data Plugin download_along
12 (remote control) yes OSM data Help/Preferences/RemoteControl allows a 3rd-party site to send commands to your JOSM: such as "load data" or "select elements" automatically

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