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Add tag dialog

The add tag dialog is used to add tags (keys/values) to one or several objects.

At least one object needs to be selected to open it by:

  • double clicking in the empty space below the tags in the Tags/Membership toggle dialog,
  • clicking on the source:trunk/resources/images/dialogs/add.svg Add button in the Tags/Membership toggle dialog,
  • using the keyboard shortcut Alt+A.

Dialog usage

On top the total number of selected objects is shown.

Below, are two text boxes to enter the tag combination manually. Autocompletion will try to assist you (see below). Alternatively, you can use drop down lists through clicking on the arrows on the right or by pressing Up or Down once a text box is selected. When you open the dialog the text boxes are prefilled with the first tag an the list of recently added tags below. If the selected object (or all selected objects) already use this key then the text boxes are prefilled with the next item of the list below and so on.

In the lower half, the recently added tags are listed with the last used on top. Default number of listed objects is five but this can be changed or even be disabled (see below).

  • Clicking on one entry or using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+<number> will paste the contents in the text boxes.
  • Double clicking will immediately add the tag to selected objects and close this dialog.
  • Clicking on source:trunk/resources/images/ok.svg OK or pressing Enter will add the contents of the text boxes to selected objects and exit this dialog.
  • Clicking on source:trunk/resources/images/cancel.svg Cancel or pressing Esc will close the dialog without any changes to selected objects.

Adding several tags

The Shift key works as modifier key in this dialog to be able to add several tags in a row. E.g Shift+ Click on an entry, Shift+Enter and Ctrl+Shift+<number> will add appropriate tag directly without closing the dialog.

Drop-Down-List and Autocompletion

Autocompletion and drop down lists for keys and its corresponding values will contain:

  • all tags of all loaded presets.
  • all tags which are used in the currently open data layers.
  • all tags which are in the list of recently added tags below the drop down lists.


Right click on the Add tag dialog to get access to the following preferences:

  • Use english language for tag by default: ?
  • Set number of recently added tags: The number (up to 30) of recently added tags. If set to 0, it disables this feature. The default value is 5.
  • Remember last used tags after a restart: If set to true, JOSM will remember the list of recently added tags even after a restart of JOSM.

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