This is just a short description. For further information see JOSM/Plugins/indoorhelper.


IndoorHelper plugin window

This plugin is made to optimize the indoor mapping with using JOSM editor. The tagging standard is based on SIT.
The following description is about

  • level tagging
    • insert level button
    • level checkbox - checkbox to deactivate the automatic level tagging
  • indoor objects
    • object list - list with specific object tags
  • multipolygon adding
    • outer button
    • inner button
    • multipolygon checkbox - checkbox to deactivate
  • apply button.

level tagging

Button to add a new level to the layer. After pushing a new window will be opened.
Now you can add the individual level number like 3, 5 or -2. After confirming the draw action (source:trunk/resources/images/mapmode/node/autonode.svg) will be selected so you can start drawing your first object of the new level.
After finishing please press the spacebar to tag the object (level tag only).
Caution: this function is only to create the first object of a new level. After that the plugin will automatically tag new objects with the current working level value (via apply button).
A checkbox to deactivate the automatic level tagging after pushing the apply button.
If you tick the checkbox there will be no more adding of level tags.

indoor objects

A given list of objects which are often used for indoor mapping. For further information see indoorHelper.

multipolygon adding

Caution: this function is only to add simple multipolygon objects.
The recommended order of editing is:

  1. add outline member with outer button
  2. add inner member with inner button.

How to add:

Step 1 Push the outer button to select the drawing action (source:trunk/resources/images/mapmode/node/autonode.svg)
Step 2 Draw the object and press the spacebar to add the multipolygon with role: outer
Step 3 Push the inner button to select the drawing action (source:trunk/resources/images/mapmode/node/autonode.svg)
Step 4 Draw the object and press the spacebar to finish the drawing. After that select the "outer"-object you want to add the "inner"-object to. If selected push enter to add the object with role: inner

If you want to add more than one "inner"-object skip step 1,2 and restart at step 3. To deactivate the multipolygon function of the plugin just tick the checkbox next to the inner button:

apply button

Via apply button you can tag the currently selected object. Objects like ways or nodes will be tagged directly (insert to the list in tags/memberships window above). If you tag a multipolygon tags will be insert to the whole relation.

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