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#1858 osmarender, tiny svg, rendering framm defect major Plugin osmarender
#3831 conflict management too complicated and misleading team enhancement major Core
#6020 render filling problem with partly downloaded multipolygon team defect major Core mappaint
#8442 OSM objects parameter via stdin are not XML since 2 XML documents Hind defect major Plugin commandline
#9908 Filter notes ToeBee enhancement major Core notes
#10511 [Patch] Joining complex areas produces exception team defect major Core
#4203 Download a full relation/way when downloading members of a relation team enhancement normal Core
#4754 redesign tool tip and have a option to switch it on/off team enhancement normal Core
#4919 Optimize download along GPX track team enhancement normal Core
#5217 no snap in building mode Upliner enhancement normal Plugin buildings_tools
#5302 josm.exe 64-bit version ulfl enhancement normal Installer Windows
#5381 mouse cursor not always what it should be dieterdreist defect normal Core
#5404 OSM-API-close and HTTP-Request-Pipelining don't work over some proxies - JOSM must be restarted for further edits Fabi2 defect normal Core
#5515 Single Key Shortcuts for activating and showing/hiding layers jttt enhancement normal Core shortcuts
#5662 display timestamp of individual GPX trackpoints team enhancement normal Core
#5879 Force purge nodes with tags along way team enhancement normal Core
#6172 Terracer: Does not check for existing associatedStreet relation and silently deletes members zerebubuth@… defect normal Plugin terracer
#6285 "Use address node" as a seperate plugin Upliner enhancement normal Plugin buildings_tools
#6396 (Experimental PATCH) Allow plugins to be reloaded without restart olejorgenb enhancement normal Core
#6489 turnlane plugin: add extra left lane on the outer left side of all lanes. benshu enhancement normal Plugin turnlanes
#6887 GitHub out of date team defect normal Git mirror
#7317 Cycle list is different for middle-click and Alt+click team defect normal Core
#7328 building_tools -> core? team enhancement normal Core
#7513 [Patch] Warn non-experts when combining ways with conflicting tags or ways being part of relations team enhancement normal Core
#7614 preferences.xml: invalid XML character / reference to entity team defect normal Core
#8384 Paste tags from text team enhancement normal Core
#8559 unhide toggle dialog buttons should not hide contents of focused dialog team enhancement normal Core
#8645 Migrate translation to team enhancement normal Core
#8660 False positive conflict detection with reverter plugin Upliner defect normal Plugin reverter
#9103 Show photo waypoints in KMZ file Don-vip enhancement normal Plugin opendata
#9270 Show icons on map also for areas and lines, not only for nodes team enhancement normal Internal mappaint style
#9679 [Incomplete Patch] Validator complains about key: *:lanes:conditional (etc.) team defect normal Core validator
#9702 Can not change language when entering tags pl71 defect normal Core
#9873 Can't Combining two ways where one is self-overlapping team defect normal Core
#9886 Fetch additional information from Wikidata simon04 enhancement normal Plugin wikipedia
#9892 JOSM sometimes not saving properly Roadsguy defect normal Core
#10213 JOSM should have by default 512 MB or more team defect normal Core
#10551 Tag that imply linear object and tag that imply area object should not be used on element without explicit area=yes/no team enhancement normal Core validator
#11008 Several problems/enhancement of changeset manager team enhancement normal Core
#11176 Propose to upload notes in upload dialog ToeBee enhancement normal Core notes
#11233 How to make icons in route relation editor continuous? team defect normal Core
#11288 Can't cancel undelete process team defect normal Plugin undelete
#11595 Elements still marked as changed even if changes were manually removed team enhancement normal Core
#11675 UtilsPlugin2 Menus don't show up team enhancement normal Core
#11806 JOSM unusable on Linux with HIDPI/Retina displays team defect normal Core
#11874 No progress bar while downloading plugins team defect normal 16.07 Core
#11982 duplicated nodes which is not used in way or relation team enhancement normal Core validator
#12117 JOSM Turn Restriction Enhancement Suggestion team enhancement normal Core
#12399 Improve the josm-plugins git mirror team enhancement normal Git mirror
#12483 Should not silently delete layers with upload=false team defect normal Core
#12690 add traffic_signals for pedestrians team enhancement normal Internal preset
#13007 Enlarge small monospaced font used throughout interface team defect normal Core
#13589 IAE: Cannot paint layer, it is not registered (ElevationProfileLayer) OliverW defect normal Plugin elevationprofile
#13604 IAE: Cannot paint layer, it is not registered (OsmDataLayer) team defect normal Core mappaint
#13843 Not properly loading attributes from multipart objects naoliv defect normal Plugin opendata
#14182 Cancel upload produces a mess :) team defect normal Core
#14426 "what changed but not yet saved" view team enhancement normal Core
#14598 Bing Imagery "Error: Attribution is not loaded yet" team defect normal Core imagery
#14741 Application is called "MainApplication" in the MacOS menu bar, instead of JOSM Polarbear-j defect normal 17.05 Core
#15010 osm permissions for Argentina Imagery sources zalitoar task normal External imagery source
#15158 Feature request Tag2Link: ref:bag Don-vip enhancement normal Plugin tag2link
#15374 problem deleting multilevel relations team defect normal 17.10 Core
#15943 Misbehaviour or wrong description of search string 'key=' team defect normal 18.02 Core
#16076 Second dialog window underneath the first window on macOS team defect normal Core
#16395 Warning/test for possible wrong lanes count team enhancement normal Core validator
#16747 Should not download tiles from other zoom levels if not necessary wiktorn enhancement normal 19.02 Core imagery
#16793 crossing=zebra team enhancement normal 19.02 Internal preset
#16800 3 Virginia layers team task normal External imagery source
#16803 [Patch RFC] Validator: Wrong warning Highway link is not linked to adequate highway/link team defect normal 19.02 Core validator
#17055 [Patch] Validator should complain about simple typos in tag values team enhancement normal 19.02 Core validator
#17184 Memory Leaks GerdP defect normal 19.02 Core
#3888 Save layer doesn't update title bar team enhancement minor Core
#5105 Better GPX track style customization team enhancement minor Core
#10098 adding a new tag with a already existing key makes you loose your value if you do not overwrite team enhancement minor Core
#15645 Should offer a way to fix objects with invalid characters team enhancement minor Core validator
#15918 Confusing English texts simon04 enhancement minor 19.02 Core
#17266 Plugin "Download along" does not increment status popup team defect minor Plugin download_along
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