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  • Upcoming changes
    • OpenStreetMap is deprecating Basic Authentication and OAuth 1.0a. JOSM will be removing OAuth 1.0a support in early 2024, and may hide or remove Basic Authentication support at the same time. We recommend that all new users use OAuth 2.0 and existing users switch to it. See #22810 and the OpenStreetMap Operations ticket #867 for further details.
  • 2023-09-17 weeklyOSM: The weekly round-up of OSM news, issue #686, is now available.
  • 30-08-2023 (stabil versjon 18822)
    • Fix #23105: Add action to select shared/common child objects (patch by Woazboat, modified)
  • 01-08-2023 (stabil versjon 18789)
  • 07-07-2023 (stabil versjon 18772)
    • Fix #22279: Add new split mode for quick splitting of ways (patch by Woazboat, modified)
      • Please note that the default shortcut conflicts with the knife tool from the auto-tools plugin. The new split mode should replace the knife tool from auto-tools for most people.
    • Fix #9446: Show progress on upload validation (patch updated by gaben)
  • 05-06-2023 (stabil versjon 18746)
  • 03-05-2023 (stabil versjon 18721)
  • 03-04-2023 (stabil versjon 18700)
  • 02-03-2023 (stabil versjon 18678)
    • OAuth 2 Support for OpenStreetMap Authentication (see #20768)
  • 30-01-2023 (stabil versjon 18646)
  • 04-01-2023 (stabil versjon 18622)
  • Flere nyheter...
  • Den nåværende stabile versjonen er 18822 og 18841 er den ustabile utvikler versjonen.

Kom i gang

  • Last ned eksisterende data fra OSM ved hjelp av Last ned data i Fil-menyen eller nedlasting-knappen source:/trunk/nodist/images/download.png. Hvis du har spørsmål angående din aller første redigering, kan Introduction (en)-siden hjelpe deg.

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